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Northern Territory. 1997 ‘Storage and Safekeeping Requirements for Category C, D and H Firearms.’ Firearms Regulations 1997 (Reprint, as in force at 1 May 2016); Schedule 3. Darwin: Northern Territory Government. 13 March

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Storage and safekeeping requirements for category C, D and H firearms

1. The safe or other receptacle is to be constructed of solid steel:
(a) that has a minimum thickness of 6 mm in the sides and the door; or
(b) that, subject to inspection and approval by the Commissioner, has minimum thicknesses of 3 mm in the sides and 6 mm in the door.
2. All hinges are to be non-removable and are to be constructed in the same manner as safe-style hinges.
3. Locks are to be internal and may be combination locks, key locks or electronic locks or a mixture of 2 or more of those kinds of locks.
4. A safe or other receptacle for the storage of category C or D firearms is to have at least 2 locks.
5. A safe or other receptacle for the storage of category H firearms is to have:
(a) at least one lock; or
(b) if the swinging edge is greater than 500 mm - at least 2 locks.
6. Alternatively, category H firearms may be stored in a compartment inside a receptacle that complies the requirements specified in Schedule 2 (a Schedule 2 receptacle) if the compartment:
(a) is a separate box inside the Schedule 2 receptacle;
(b) has a thickness of solid steel that is at least equal to the thickness of the steel in the Schedule 2 receptacle;
(c) can only be accessed if the door to the Schedule 2 receptacle is opened first; and
(d) is designed so that, in combination with the Schedule 2 receptacle, it provides a double thickness of steel on all sides.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1997]

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