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Australian Capital Territory. 2008 ‘Storage of Firearms, Firearms Dealers.’ Firearms Regulation 2008 (SL2008-55, Republication No 13, effective 1 December 2015); Section 48 (Part 11). Canberra: ACT Parliamentary Counsel. 22 December

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48. Storage of firearms, firearms dealers - Act, s 180 (3)

(1) A firearms dealer takes reasonable steps to ensure that a firearm in the dealer's possession is stored safely if the firearm is stored in accordance with this section.

(2) A category A or category B firearm may be on permanent display if —
(a) it is locked securely in a padlocked rack that is permanently attached to a wall; and
(b) it is securely attached to the rack by means of a stainless steel cable that —
(i) is not less than 3mm in diameter; and
(ii) passes through the trigger guard; and
(iii) is securely fixed at the end that is not attached to the rack by a padlock of an appropriate strength; and
(c) when business ceases for the day, a security grille metal shutter, the rods of which are not less than 5mm in diameter, is fixed to the rack with padlocks of appropriate strength at each end.

(3) A category C or category H firearm must, unless being inspected by a customer, be securely locked in a metal safe or a concrete or brick safe of a kind described in section 47 (3).

(4) Any perimeter doors of premises on which any firearms are stored must be of solid construction, securely hinged in stout framework and fitted with a mortice or a deadlock.

(5) Any perimeter window or skylight of premises where any firearms are stored must be fitted with a security grille.

(6) The premises where any firearms are stored must be fitted with an intruder alarm —
(a) that includes —
(i) a space movement detector that uses a microwave, passive infra-red, ultrasonic or similar system of detection; and
(ii) an external noisemaker that sounds when the alarm is activated; and
(b) is connected to the mains power with a battery backup in case of power failure; and
(c) for premises that include a shopfront - is monitored directly by a private security company.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1996]

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