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Victoria. 1998 ‘Definitions.’ Firearms Act 1996 No. 66 of 1996 (Version No. 080, as of 1 December 2015); Part 1 (Section 3). Melbourne: Department of Justice, Victoria. 31 January

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'firearm' means any device, whether or not assembled or in parts and whether or not operable or complete or temporarily or permanently inoperable or incomplete —
(a) which is designed or adapted to discharge shot or a bullet or other missile by the expansion of gases produced in the device by the ignition of strongly combustible materials or by compressed air or other gases, whether stored in the device in pressurised containers or produced in the device by mechanical means; or
(b) which has the appearance of such a device —
and which is not —
(c) an industrial tool powered by cartridges containing gunpowder or compressed air or other gases which is designed and intended for use for fixing fasteners or plugs or for similar purposes; or
(d) a captive bolt humane killer; or
(e) a spear gun designed for underwater use; or
(f) a device designed for the discharge of signal flares; or
(h) a device commonly known as a kiln gun or ringblaster, designed specifically for knocking out or down solid material in kilns, furnaces or cement silos; or
(i) a device commonly known as a line thrower designed for establishing lines between structures or natural features and powered by compressed air to other compressed gases and used for rescue purposes, rescue training or rescue demonstration; or
(j) a device of a prescribed class;

'handgun' means a firearm that —
(a) is reasonably capable of being carried or concealed about the person; or
(b) is reasonably capable of being raised and fired by one hand; or
(c) does not exceed 65 centimetres in length measured parallel to the barrel;

'longarm' means any firearm other than a handgun;

'machine gun' means a firearm which can fire more than one projectile with a single pressure of the trigger or other like appliance;

'pump action shotgun' means a shotgun which is, or has been at any time, constructed with an action which includes a moveable forearm or fore-end which is manually activated by a motion parallel to the barrel by the person using the gun;

'semi-automatic' when used to describe a rifle or shotgun, means a rifle or shotgun which is constructed or has been, at any time, constructed so that —
(a) each bullet or missile is discharged by a separate application of pressure to the trigger; and
(b) the energy of the discharge is used as part of the reloading cycle of the rifle or shotgun (as the case may be);

'single shot antique handgun' means an antique handgun that is a black powder handgun that is capable of firing one shot only before requiring reloading;

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