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New South Wales. 2006 ‘Practising at Approved Ranges.’ Firearms Regulation 2006 (2006-512, as at 1 January 2014); Section 31. Sydney: New South Wales Government. 1 September

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31. Practising at approved ranges

(1) The authority conferred by a licence issued for the genuine reason of recreational hunting/vermin control, primary production, vertebrate pest animal control or animal welfare extends to the use of a firearm by the licensee at an approved shooting range, on such occasions as may reasonably be required, for the purposes of:
(a) sighting in the firearm, which includes the sight alignment or tuning of the firearm, familiarisation with or testing of ammunition and practising on targets, or
(b) in the case of a shotgun - patterning the shotgun, which includes the adjusting or aligning of the shotgun, familiarisation with or testing of ammunition and practising on stationary or moving clay targets.

(2) Nothing in this clause authorises:
(a) the holder of a licence referred to in this clause to participate in competitions or activities conducted by a shooting club that require the use of a firearm (except those activities referred to in subclause (1)), or
(b) the use of a shooting range otherwise than in accordance with the approval of the shooting range, including any conditions subject to which the approval was granted….

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