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Canada. 2014 ‘Firearms Registered as of December 2013 - December 2008.’ Canadian Firearm Program: Facts and Figures Archives (October - December 2013 - October - December 2008). Ottawa: Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 17 March

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Firearms Registered as of December 2013

Restricted Firearms: 658,847
Prohibited Firearms: 188,465

Total: 847,312

Firearms Registered as of December 2012

Restricted Firearms: 576,283
Prohibited Firearms: 190,736

Total: 767,019

Firearms Registered as of December 2011

Non-Restricted Firearms: 7,107,807
Restricted Firearms: 531,120
Prohibited Firearms: 196,826

Total: 7,835,753

Firearms Registered as of December 2010

Non-Restricted Firearms: 6,918,721
Restricted Firearms: 500,525
Prohibited Firearms: 201,904

Total: 7,621,150

Firearms Registered as of December 2009

Non-Restricted Firearms: 6,781,698
Restricted Firearms: 471,718
Prohibited Firearms: 206,088

Total: 7,459,504

Firearms Registered as of December 2008

Non-Restricted Firearms: 6,652,205
Restricted Firearms: 450,635
Prohibited Firearms: 210,407

Total: 7,313,247

The registration of firearms links firearms and their licensed owners, thereby enhancing owners' accountability for safe storage and use of firearms. A centralized, on-line, secure database of firearms information helps police and other public safety officials carry out investigations efficiently and effectively enabling them to quickly trace a firearm to its last lawful owner.

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