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Netherlands. 1997 ‘Entering and Leaving of Weapons and Ammunition of the Categories II and III - Art. 14.’ Weapons and Ammunition Act (Wet Wapens en Munitie) 1997; Article 14. The Hague: Ministry of Justice. 10 July

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Entering and Leaving of Weapons and Ammunition of the Categories II and III

1. It is prohibited to import or export a weapon or ammunition of the categories II and III without permission or to change the destination of such weapons or ammunition as stated at the time of import without permission.

2. A permission to change the destination as states at the time of import is equal to an import permission for the changed destination.

3. A permission is solely valid for weapons and ammunition packed in such a fashion that they cannot be put to use immediately.

4. Our Ministry may grant exemption by regulation from the prohibition of the first paragraph in respect of:
a. sports shooters and hunters;
b. transit of weapons and ammunition;
c. equipment of vessels and aircraft as well as their crew. No exemption can be granted in respect of the export, other than temporary, of weapons and ammunition to a Member State of the European Communities.

5. The holder of a permission issued in the Netherlands or a permission issued in another Member State of the European Communities for import, transit or export of weapons and ammunition, is under obligation to have the weapons and ammunition accompanied by the permission or licence up to their destination or their exit from the territory of the Netherlands.

[This excerpt is taken from an unsourced, undated, unofficial translation of the Act provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, which does not take into account amendments enacted since 1997].

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