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Netherlands. 1997 ‘Wording of the Act.’ Weapons and Ammunition Act (Wet Wapens en Munitie) 1997; Article 2.1. The Hague: Ministry of Justice. 10 July

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Wording of the Act - Article 2.1

Weapons within the meaning of this Act are the objects stated below or designated in accordance with this Article, subdivided into the following categories.

Category II
1. firearms not falling under one of the other categories;
2. firearms suitable for automatic firing;
3. firearms that have been manufactured or altered in such a fashion that carrying these weapons is less or not visible or that as [sic.] increased the attacking power;
4. firearms with an appearance similar to any object other than a weapon;..
6. objects designed for striking persons with poisonous, suffocating, disarming, tear exciting or similar agents, with the exception of medical aids and firearms in the form of rifles, revolvers and pistols, designed for firing ammunition containing disarming or tear exciting agent…

Category III
1. firearms in the form of rifles, revolvers and pistols insofar as these do not fall under category II sub 2, 3, or 6;…

[This excerpt is taken from an unsourced, undated, unofficial translation of the Act provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, which does not take into account amendments enacted since 1997].

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