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Finland. 2010 ‘Specially Dangerous Firearms, Cartridges and Shells.’ Finnish Police web site ( Helsinki: Finnish Police. 1 January

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Specially dangerous firearms, cartridges and shells

Under the Firearms Act, the following firearms are defined as specially dangerous firearms: grenade launchers; mortars; breech-loading cannon and firearms corresponding to these in structure and purpose; missile and rocket-launcher systems; automatic firearms; and firearms disguised as other objects.

The acquisition of specially dangerous firearms and firearm components is generally forbidden. In exceptional cases, however, the Gaming and Weapon Administration of the Ministry of the Interior may grant an acquisition, manufacturing or parallel permit for specially dangerous firearms to be held in a firearm collection, or used in a demonstration, filming or other similar presentation, and, if there are special reasons, for work purposes, should the firearm in question be necessary for the performance of the work.

The law also defines specially dangerous cartridges and projectiles. Firearm acquisition and possession permits do not entitle the holder to acquire specially dangerous cartridges and projectiles. Instead, a separate ammunition permit must be obtained, which can be granted for a specific purpose.

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