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Cook, Philip J, Wendy Cukier and Keith Krause. 2009 ‘Cross - Border Firearms Trafficking in North America: Canada.’ The Illicit Firearms Trade in North America; 9 (3), p. 274. London: Criminology & Criminal Justice. 1 August

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Cross - border firearms trafficking in North America: Canada

A recent report on illegal firearms reported similar patterns at the provincial level in Ontario:

The Firearms Tracing and Enforcement Program (FATE) was established in 1994 in response to a requirement that all Ontario Police services would be required to trace seized firearms not registered in Canada:

- In 2007, FATE traced 705 crime guns, 90% of which were prohibited (399) or restricted (237)

Sources of traced crime guns included:

- 490 (69%) traced to U.S.
- 74 (10.5%) traced to a Canadian dealer
- 78 (11.5 %) were too old to trace and
- 60 (8%) could not be traced due to lack of information.

(Heemskerk and Davies, 2008: 82)

Source cited:

Heemskerk, Tony and Eric Davies (2008) 'A Report on the Illegal Movement of Firearms in British Columbia', November.

ID: Q1992

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