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Green, Joe. 2010 ‘Licences and Endorsements May 2010.’ New Zealand Police Firearm Licensing and Endorsement Data. Wellington: NZ Police Headquarters. 24 May

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Licences and Endorsements

As at May 2010:

There are just over 223,000 holders of a firearms licence that is current (this number fluctuates on a daily basis between about 217,000 and 225,000 as licenses are issued, cancelled, expire, etc).

Endorsements held:
- 3,447 B endorsement holders (target pistol shooters)
- 3,689 C endorsement holders (possession of pistols and/or restricted weapons as a collector, heirloom, museum curator or theatrical armourer)
- 5,171 E endorsement holders (permitted to possess MSSAs)
- 457 dealers' licences.

Current data records approximately 36,000 pistols and approximately 7,800 MSSAs in the possession of licensed firearm holders (with endorsements).

Pistols and Restricted Weapons

As at May 2009 (more recent data requires the running of a special report requiring considerable work and which we are unable to repeat at this time):

Pistols and restricted weapons held on C endorsements: 26,686

Pistols held on B endorsements: 18,943


Taken from the above information:

1) Approximately 19,000 pistols held for the purpose of target pistol shooting.
2) Leaving approximately 17,000 pistols possessed for the purpose of collecting, as an heirloom or by museums and theatrical armourers.
3) About 9,700 restricted weapons possessed for the purpose of collecting, as an heirloom or by museums and theatrical armourers.

The total number of MSSAs recorded on police systems has risen from the 6,919 reported by Thorp in 1997 to 7,800 - about 80% of this increase of 900 MSSAs recorded is due entirely to the changed understanding (of what constituted a 'military pattern free standing pistol grip) held by police 9 June 2009 to 1 March 2010. The balance (180 MSSAs) are either 'walk ins' (previously unlawfully possessed, 'off ticket' but brought within the legal system) or, in the case of about 20, imported on the basis of a special reason not requiring the 1:1 surrender of a worn MSSA.

[E-mail from Inspector Joe Green, NZ Police Licensing and Vetting Manager, 24 May 2010]

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