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UK. 1968 ‘Prosecution and Punishment of Offences.’ Firearms Act 1968, Revised Statute 2008; Schedule 6 (Chapter 27). London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office / HMSO. 30 May

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Prosecution and Punishment of Offences

Part I. Table of Punishments

Possessing, etc., shot gun without shot gun certificate:

(a) Summary: 6 months or the statutory maximum or both.

(b) On indictment: 5 years or a fine; or both.

Possessing etc. firearm or ammunition without firearm certificate:

(a) Summary: 6 months or a fine of £400; or both.

(b) On indictment:
(i) where the offence is committed in an aggravated form within the meaning of section 4(4) of this Act, 7 years, or a fine; or both,
(ii) in any other case, 5 years or a fine; or both.

Possessing or distributing prohibited weapons or ammunition:
On indictment: 10 years or a fine, or both.

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