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UK. 1968 ‘Registration of Firearms Dealers.’ Firearms Act 1968, Revised Statute 2008; Part 2 (Chapter 27). London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office / HMSO. 30 May

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Registration of firearms dealers

33 Police register

(1) For purposes of this Act, the chief officer of police for every area shall keep in the prescribed form a register of firearms dealers.

(2) Except as provided by section 34 of this Act, the chief officer of police shall enter in the register the name of any person who, having or proposing to have a place of business in the area, applies to be registered as a firearms dealer.

(3) An applicant for registration as a firearms dealer must furnish the chief officer of police with the prescribed particulars, which shall include particulars of every place of business at which he proposes to carry on business in the area as a firearms dealer and, except as provided by this Act, the chief officer of police shall (if he registers the applicant as a firearms dealer) enter every such place of business in the register.

(4) When a person is registered, the chief officer of police shall grant or cause to be granted to him a certificate of registration.

(5) A person for the time being registered shall, on or before the expiration of the period of three years from the grant of the certificate of registration for the time being held by him —
(a) surrender his certificate to the chief officer of police; and
(b) apply in the prescribed form for a new certificate;
and thereupon the chief officer of police shall, subject to sections 35(3) and 38(1) below, grant him a new certificate of registration.

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