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Myanmar. 1951 ‘Penalty for Treason with Firearms.’ Arms (Temporary Amendment) Act 1951; Section 19A. Naypyidaw: People's Assembly. 27 October

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Penalty for Treason with Firearms

Whoever, with the intention of committing the offence of High Treason, and, in contravention of the provisions of section 13 or section 14 or section 15, goes armed with, or has in possession or under his control, any of the following types of arms or ammunition or military stores, namely:

(i) Small arms, such as --
(a) Rifles,
(b) Light Automatic, Sten Gun, Bren Gun, Tommy Gun, Browning, American 300 Carbine,
(ii) Light Machine Gun or ammunition thereof,
(iii) Mortar or ammunition thereof,
(iv) Heavy Machine Gun, such as Vickers Machine Gun, Browning Machine Gun, Besa Machine Gun, Japanese Heavy Machine Gun, Anti-Tank Weapon, and any variety of Field Artillery, Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, Aircraft Cannon or ammunition thereof,
(v) Live Hand Grenade,
(vi) Live Rifle Grenade,
(vii) Live Mortar Bomb,
(viii) Demolition Explosives, or any other arms or ammunition of the description which the President of the Union may, by notification, declare in this behalf, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for which may extend to seven years.

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