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WHO. 2016 ‘Inter-country Comparison of Mortality for Selected Cause of Death - Gun Death from Undetermined Cause in Bosnia & Herzegovina.’ European Detailed Mortality Database (DMDB). Copenhagen: World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe. 16 August

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ICD-10 Code:1 Diagnosis - Number of deaths (Crude death rate per 100,000 population) - % of all deaths

2014 population: 3,827,343
Total Gun Death from Undetermined Cause: 4
Crude death rate per 100,000 population: 0.1045

Y22: Handgun discharge, undetermined intent - 1 (0.0261) - 0.0028%
Y24: Other and unspecified firearm discharge, undetermined intent - 3 (0.0784) - 0.0083%

[Editor's note: Each year, countries submit their cause of death and population data to WHO. Unless an error is detected, a number of deaths is unlikely to change after processing. However, as WHO reviews its data in the wake of each national census, minor changes can be made to calculated death rates. These could account for any differences which might appear following the date on which a death rate was originally posted.]

ID: Q12173

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