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New Zealand. 2008 ‘Application for Endorsement in Respect of Military style Semi-automatic Firearm.’ Arms Act 1983 No. 44; Section 30A (Reprint 2008). Wellington: Parliamentary Counsel Office. 1 October

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Application for Endorsement in Respect of Military Style Semi-automatic Firearm

(1) Any person, being of or over the age of 18 years and being an applicant for a firearms licence or the holder of a firearms licence, may apply at an Arms Office to a member of the Police for an endorsement permitting that person to have possession of a military style semi-automatic firearm.

(2) Every application under subsection (1) shall be made on a form provided by a member of the Police.

(3) Every applicant shall permit a member of the Police to take, or to cause to be taken, for the purposes of the application, a photograph or photographs of the applicant.

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