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Iootty de Paiva Dias, Carolina. 2003 ‘What is the Legislation on Imports, Exports and Transit Operations in Brazil?.’ National Legislations on Firearm Control in Mercosur; Chapter 2, pp. 43-45. Rio de Janeiro: Viva Rio. 1 June

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What the legislation states?


Regulatory of Controlled Products by the Army - Decree No. 3.665/00, articles 183-204 and Resolution No. 22, Army (published in September 15, 2000), articles 10 and 11.
Importers previously registered with the Army. Each operation requires a specific authorization which will be valid for 6 months. When acquiring the authorization to import a specific cargo, the importer must declare "all necessary characteristics", so that the cargo can be recognized. The import of firearms produced in Brazil is not allowed. Finally, it should be noted that the recent Army Resolution No. 22 states that the producer of the firearm must mark it with the name of the importer, so that the importer can be recognised.


Regulatory of Controlled Products by the Army - Decree No. 3.665/00, articles 177-182. Army's Resolution No. 22, published at 15/09/02, articles 4° and 5°.
The exporter must be previously registered with the Army. This registry is, in fact, the same that any dealer or importer must have. Previous authorization is still required by the Army so that the merchandise can leave the country. When requiring this authorization, the exporter must declare the brand, quantity, standard nomenclature, caliber and "demanded technical characteristics". Still, article 178, caput, stipulates that the exporter must fully obey the rules in the importing countries.


Decree No. 2.222/97, articles 30 and 31. Decree No. 3.665/00, articles160-173, 216, third paragraph.
In general terms, the decree requires that the transit of firearms through Brazilian territory only takes place after authorization by the Army. Likewise, the decree of 2000 stipulates that there is a record of transporting firms and that they must carry a transport permit, also from the Army, before each operation. The form of this permit must include a detailed list of the cargo that will be transported. Article 216, third paragraph, of the Decree No. 3.665/00 states that the transit of arms between bordering countries will only be permitted by air, on flights bound for the capital cities of those countries.

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