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Calvani, Sandro and Stefan Liller. 2006 ‘Laws Regulating Arms Adopted in Colombia.’ Violence, Crime and Illegal Arms Trafficking in Colombia (Section 5.3), p. 104. Bogota: United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). 1 December

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Laws Regulating Arms Adopted in Colombia

[D]ecree 356 of 1994 issues the private surveillance and security statute, which regulates the possession and carrying of arms by private companies that provide security services, and creates a regulatory and controlling institution known as the Private Security and Surveillance Superintendency.

Decree 1612 of 2002 regulates community surveillance and private security services, and Decree 334 of 2002 establishes regulations concerning explosives, especially their import, transport, and applicable restrictions.

In addition to the above-mentioned decrees, there are others that regulate the possession of arms by each one of the Military Forces and the Police, as well as Decrees defining jurisdiction. Such examples are Decree 0006 of 1993, which authorizes the military authorities to suspend the validity of permits, and Decree 626 of 2001, which authorizes the sale of weapons considered obsolete…

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