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Calvani, Sandro and Stefan Liller. 2006 ‘Sources of Illegal Arms Traffic.’ Violence, Crime and Illegal Arms Trafficking in Colombia (Section 2.1), p. 28. Bogota: United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). 1 December

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Sources of Illegal Arms Traffic

[I]n the case of the illicit trafficking in arms for the illegal armed groups in Colombia, the gray market and especially the black market are the major sources for the acquisition of armament, accounting for close to 80% of the total of illegal arms that enter the country each year… (34)

34) According to the estimates made by Government intelligence services.

[Editor's note: The gray market [is that in which] the initial sale and distribution is carried out through legal channels, by a government company or a private company authorized to make the sale. However, the final destination may be an illegal or illegitimate organization or actor… [T]he black market is that in which the whole transaction, that is the sale, distribution, and final destination, is carried out illegally, whether because it is done among unauthorized actors, or because it takes place outside the legal channels.]

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