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Dawson, Chris. 2014 ‘How Firearms Enter the Illicit Market.’ Australian Crime Commission, Submission No. 75 to Senate Committee: Inquiry into the Ability of Australian Law Enforcement Authorities to Eliminate Gun-Related Violence in the Community; Submission No. 75 (Sections 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23), pp. 3-5. Canberra: Australian Crime Commission. 22 August

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Illegal Importation

17. Based on information held by the ACC, there is some evidence that firearms and firearm parts are illegally imported into Australia, although ACC data indicate that these comprise a small proportion of all firearms diverted into the black market.

18. In 2012 ACC Firearm Trace Program data identified illegal importation as the method of diversion for 4 per cent of handguns (with a known diversion method) and 0.1 per cent of long-arms (with a known diversion method) (3) noting that illegal importation only made up one percent of total diversions…


(3) Due to a lack of critical data such as a valid serial number on the firearm, the method of diversion was not able to be assessed for 69 per cent of handguns traced by the ACC. lt should also be noted that the majority of firearms submitted for trace are long-arms.

[ACC = Australian Crime Commission]

ID: Q11625

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