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Grillot, Suzette R.. 2010 ‘The Spread and Control of Small Arms in Montenegro.’ Guns in the Balkans: Controlling Small Arms and Light Weapons in Seven Western Balkan Countries; Vol. 10 (No. 2), pp. 159-160. London: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Taylor & Francis. 1 June

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The Spread and Control of Small Arms in Montenegro

[I]t has been estimated, that there are approximately 170,000-250,000 weapons in Montenegro. The government holds approximately 40,000 weapons, and around 130,000-175,000 are in civilian hands - 86,000 of which are estimated to be legally owned (Florquin and Stoneman 2004, 3)…

The amount of weapons seized by the Montenegrin government decreased from nearly 2000 in 1998 to about 700 in 2003 (Florquin and Stoneman 2004, 3)…

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Florquin, N., and S. O'Neill Stoneman. 2004. A house isn't a home without a gun. Geneva/Belgrade: Small Arms Survey and SEESAC.

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