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Virgin Islands (UK). 1957 ‘Marking - Registrar of Firearms.’ Firearms Ordinance, 1957; Chapter 126 (Sections 13,14), p. 1297. Road Town: Official Gazette of the British Virgin Islands. 1 March

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Section 13. Owner to describe all firearms on his declaration before obtaining licence

(1) Every person shall, upon applying to the Licensing Authority for a licence to keep firearms, make and sign a declaration in the Form D in the First Schedule giving therein a full and correct description of each such firearm to be kept by him and the names or figures or other marks thereon by which such firearm may be readily identified; and the Licensing Authority may at any time, in his discretion, require any such firearm to be produced for his inspection.

Registrar of Firearms

(2) Every declaration so made shall be filed and registered at the Treasury by the Licensing Authority.

Section 14. Power of Licensing Authority to mark firearm for purposes of subsequent identification

(1) Whether or not any firearm is already marked with such names or figures or in such a manner that the same may be readily identified, the Licensing Authority may require the owner to produce the firearm and thereupon cause the same to be marked, either on the stock or barrel or other part with some permanent mark whereby the same may afterwards be known and identified, but in such a manner as not to injure or disfigure the same; and such firearm when duly marked and described as aforesaid shall be delivered to the owner.

(2) If any person, required by the Licensing Authority to produce a firearm for the purpose of having the same marked in manner aforesaid, shall not, within a reasonable time thereafter to be stated in a written notice to him, produce and deliver the firearm to the Licensing Authority, he shall be guilty of an offence against this Ordinance and upon summary conviction be liable to a penalty not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars.

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