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Puerto Rico. 2000 ‘Moratorium and Amnesty.’ Puerto Rico Arms Act of 2000; Title 25, Subtitle 1, Part V, Chapter 51A (Sub-chapter 7, Section 460j). San Juan: Puerto Rico. 11 September

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25 L.P.R.A. § 460j (2013)

Section 460j. Moratorium and Amnesty

(a) A period of moratorium of one hundred and eighty (180) days from the effectiveness of the amendment of 2004 to this act is hereby established for each person who has become an owner of a firearm or of ammunition by inheritance, or by any legal manner certified by means of a sworn statement before a notary public, or who has possessed a firearm or ammunition legally, but has permitted the authorization to own said weapon to lapse, to request a weapons license by virtue of this chapter and for the registration of said firearm or ammunition, if the person does not have a weapons license without any criminal procedure being initiated for such illegal possession.

(b) A general amnesty of ninety (90) days from the effectiveness of the amendment of 2004 to this act is hereby declared for any person who has or possesses a firearm or ammunition illegally, to dispose of it legally by turning it over to the Police,1 without any criminal procedure whatsoever being initiated against said person. Any person who voluntarily turns in to the Police any firearm illegally acquired, found, purchased, given, lent or rented, or that otherwise comes into his/her hands or possession and which constitutes illegal possession or ownership, shall not be charged nor prosecuted for violating any statute or law that penalizes such illegal possession or ownership.

The Government of Puerto Rico shall not initiate any type of investigation nor file, nor shall file criminal charges for the illegal possession or ownership of a firearm turned over to the Police by the persons who avail themselves of this amnesty and voluntarily turn over a firearm pursuant to this chapter. Provided, That in order to avail themselves of the benefits of the amnesty decreed by virtue of this chapter, it shall be necessary for the interested party to invoke this chapter or for said party to perform affirmative actions that clearly indicate that the presumptive beneficiary of this amnesty had the manifested intention and desire to voluntarily turn over the pertinent weapon or firearm, or ammunitions.

During the effectiveness of this moratorium and amnesty, the Superintendent1 shall carry1 out an extensive publicity campaign, through the written press, radio and television to raise public awareness about the existence of the moratorium and amnesty and the severe penalties of imprisonment to which any person who possesses weapons and ammunition without a weapons license1 or unregistered weapons is exposed to [sic], even if possessing a weapons license, as well as any other matter he/she deems pertinent.

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