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Singapore. 2003 ‘Exemptions from Operation of this Act.’ Arms and Explosives Act 2003 (Chapter 13) [Revised Edition with Amendments to 2010]; Part I (Section 3). Singapore: Parliament of Singapore. 21 March

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Exemptions from Operation of this Act

3. —(1) Subject to subsection (3), nothing in this Act shall apply to —
(a) the manufacture, possession, use, storage, sale, transport, importation or exportation, in accordance with the provisions of any rules made under this Act, of any explosive or explosive precursor by order of the Government;
(b) the manufacture, dealing in, possession, importation or exportation, in accordance with the provisions of any rules made under this Act, of any article by order of the Government;
(c) any of the following persons or their equipment while in the course of their duty or employment:
(i) members of the Singapore Armed Forces and of any visiting forces lawfully present in Singapore;
(ii) members of any naval, military or air volunteer forces established under any written law;
(iii) members of any additional forces established under any written law providing for compulsory service in the defence of Singapore;
(iv) members of the Singapore Police Force or any other police force on duty in Singapore;
(v) members of the Special Constabulary or any Auxiliary Police Force created under the Police Force Act 2004, and any additional constables and peace officers;
(vi) dog-shooters employed by the Government;
(d) any vessel belonging to or in the service of the Government or of any foreign government;
(e) any hulk or magazine for the storage or deposit of explosives, or explosive precursors, of the Government or the government of any Commonwealth country;
(f) such articles as form part of the ordinary armament of any vessel or as are required for the service of any vessel or the personal use of the crew or the passengers thereof;
(g) the importation, exportation and possession, in accordance with such conditions as may be prescribed in rules made under this Act, of such arms and ammunition, forming part of the equipment of aircraft or carried therein for the personal use of passengers or crew, as may be permitted by such rules; or
(h) the possession in the course of his duty of arms, explosives or explosive precursors by any person employed by the Government, such possession being specially authorised by the head of his department.

(2) In any proceedings under this Act, proof of these facts shall rest with the person alleging them.

(3) Sections 5 to 8 and any rules made under section 8 shall also apply to —
(a) the Government;
(b) any other person referred to in subsection (1);
(c) the articles referred to in subsection (1) (f); and
(d) the arms and ammunition referred to in subsection (1) (g).

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