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Canada. 2015 ‘Application for a Permit.’ Export Permits Regulations (Section 3). Ottawa ON: Senate and House of Commons of Canada. 30 August

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Export Permits Regulations

Application for a Permit

3. (1) An applicant for a[n export] permit shall submit to the Minister1 a duly completed and signed application form, provided by the Minister, containing the following information…

(d) the customs office at which the goods will be reported in the prescribed form under the Customs Act…

(f) the country in which the goods are to be consumed or the country of final destination;

(g) for each type of separately identifiable goods,
(i) the country of origin of the goods…
(ii) if the goods are included in the schedule to the List, the corresponding item number of those goods in the Guide,
(iii) the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System commodity code, if available,
(iv) a description of the goods, including technical specifications, with sufficient detail to disclose their true identity and in terms that avoid the use of trade-names, technical names or general terms that do not adequately describe the goods, and
(v) the quantity, unit value and total market value of the goods, free on board (f.o.b.), factory or first shipping point of Canada and the approximate net weight;

(h) the total value of all types of separately identifiable goods intended to be exported;

(i) an indication of whether the permit is to be sent by mail or courier service to the applicant or the exporter or to be held for pick-up; and

(j) information that may be required by the Minister in respect of the purpose for which the applicant proposes to export the goods, in order to establish that the export of the goods is consistent with the purpose for which the export of the goods is controlled, including
(i) an International Import Certificate,
(ii) an End-use Certificate,
(iii) an End-use Statement,
(iv) a copy of the contract of sale between the applicant and the person from whom the applicant purchased the goods,
(v) a copy of the contract of sale between the applicant and the person to whom the applicant sold the goods for export,
(vi) a summary report on prior exports of like goods by the applicant,
(vii) the name and address of the person from whom the applicant acquired the goods,
(viii) the intended end-use of the goods by the consignee of the goods,
(ix) the intended end-use location of the goods if different from the location of the consignee,
(x) the export permit numbers of any previous export permits issued to the same applicant,
(xi) an import permit issued by the government of the country for which the goods are destined, or
(xii) an in-transit authorization.

(2) In addition to the application form, the applicant shall submit to the Minister

(a) a declaration that, to the best of the applicant's knowledge, the goods will enter into the economy of the country referred to in paragraph (1)(f) and will not be transhipped or diverted from that country;

(b) in the case of controlled goods,2 proof of registration or exemption from registration under the Controlled Goods Regulations or proof that the person occupies a position referred to in paragraph 36(a) of the Defence Production Act…

(d) a declaration that the information provided under this section is true, complete and correct.

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