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Malaysia. 1960 ‘Grant and Renewal of Arms Licenses and Arms Permits.’ Arms Act 1960 (Act 206); Section 4 (1999 Compilation). Kuala Lumpur: House of Representatives, Legal Research Board. 1 January

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Section 4: Grant and renewal of arms licenses and arms permits

(1) An application for an arms license or arms permit shall be made in the prescribed form to the Chief Police Officer of the State in which the applicant resides, and shall state sich particulars as may be required by the said form.

(2) Subject to this Act and any regulations made thereunder, a Chief Police Officer may grant to an applicant an arms license or arms permit, as the case may be, if he is satisfied that the applicant has a good reason for having in his possession, custody or control, or for carrying and using, as the case may be, the arms and ammunition in respect of which the application is made, and that he can be authorized in that behalf without danger to the public safety or the public interest.

(4) An arms license or arms permit shall, unless previously revolked or cancelled, expire on the 30th day of June next following the date of issue, but may be renewed by the Chief Police Officer…

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