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Search Warrant Covers House of Acting Police Director

Saipan Tribune (Northern Marianas)

13 February 2006

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The house of the Department of Public Safety's shooting range master Ambrosio T. Ogumoro's brother, acting DPS police director Capt. Aniceto Ogumoro, was also covered by a search warrant requested by the police…

Detective Christopher Leon Guerrero said illegal firearms were possibly smuggled in when defendant Ambrosio Ogumoro returned to Saipan from the U.S. mainland.

Leon Guerrero said they received information that at some point one of Ambrosio Ogumoro's cargo containers from the U.S. mainland had boxes of illegal high-powered rifles and ammunitions.

The detective said that on Jan. 2, 1998 the CNMI Customs officers seized a total of 2,763 high-powered rifle ammunitions.

The Customs logbook indicated that Aniceto Ogumoro was the intended recipient of the ammunitions coming from the U.S. mainland, Leon Guerrero said….

Ambrosio Ogumoro was detained on charges of assault and battery, illegal possession of a firearm, and illegal possession of ammunitions. Police recommended to impose a $5 million cash bail for the defendant's temporary liberty, but the court set $1million cash bail instead.

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