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Law on Firearms To Be Amended

Post (Ulan Bator)

5 January 2014

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Crimes and murders committed involving firearms have increased in recent years. Thus, the controls on firearms users are being tightened with amendments to the Law on Firearms.

Mongolia currently observes a law on firearms enacted in 2001. The Law on Firearms regulates the ownership, privatization and use of firearms not designated for battle, which belong to justice system bodies, the intelligence agency, police, and the armed forces.

As of 2013, a total of 46,982 firearms were registered nationwide as the legal property of individuals, with 44,306 for hunting purposes, 1,598 for security and ward use, 619 for sports training, 260 as arts firearms, and 199 belong to collections. Considering that 40,894 firearms were registered in 2010, 43,768 in 2011, and 44,764 firearms registered in 2012, annually, around 2,000 firearms are newly and legally bought, owned and privatized in Mongolia. As the number of firearms holders is expected to rise, some issues related to owning, buying and using firearms should be regulated by a law.

The revised version of the Law on Firearms consist of six chapters with 27 clauses and will regulate the ownership, privatization, use, storage, sales, collection, exhibition, registration, transport, and destruction of firearms and ammunition. The law will also regulate transporting firearms to or from Mongolia.

The revisions state that a legal person wishing to privatize or own a firearm must obtain certain training on its use, and must specify if a firearm is for security, law enforcement or military use, depending on its technical indicators and usage purposes. The law will forbid foreign citizens or persons without identification from owning or using firearms.

Regulations will be made to have only one center in Ulaanbaatar authorized to sell firearms and bullets, and to establish branches and police control on the operations of that center. With the ratification of the draft bill, a security or warding legal body – as well as NGOs operating in sports training – will be able to own firearms in limited ranges under certain supervision, reported the Press Media and Public Communications Office of the Government.

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