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Chinese Copies Sell for $5000

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

16 April 2002

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A Chinese armaments factory which supplies weapons to the Middle East, America and South East Asia manufactures an estimated 80 per cent of the illegal handguns on Sydney's streets.

The giant Norinco (China North Industries Corporation) makes cheap copies of modern, high technology guns exploiting loose copyright laws and low labour costs.

The handguns are produced legally but soon find their way on to the black market in South East Asia.

Gun runners buy the weapons for a little as $300 in Asia but when they hit the back streets of Sydney the asking price explodes to between $3000 and $5000.

Importing the guns across Australian borders provides little difficulty. A favoured method involves transporting the shipment to Papua New Guinea before flying from disused airstrips built during World War II to north Queensland.

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