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pdf The People Most Likely to Kill with a Gun

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Eleven Years of Mass Gun Killings in Australia and New Zealand, 1987-97

New Zealand Mental Health Commission

A typical gun homicide is committed by a licensed male gun owner with no record of violent crime or mental illness, using a legal firearm to kill someone he knows well.

Wellington, June 1997.

pdf Australia New Zealand Prohibited Persons Register

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Blaming People with Mental Illness for Gun Violence

New Zealand Mental Health Commission

Despite efforts to portray them otherwise in the media, those with a history of mental illness are no more likely to kill another person than the average member of the population. Police homicide figures show that alcohol is four times more likely to be a precipitating factor than mental illness.

Wellington, June 1997.

pdf Warner AIC 1997 Firearms Legislation in Australia

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Firearms Legislation in Australia

Australian Institute of Criminology

Warner, Kate and Carl Moller. A review of firearm legislation in all Australian States and Territories to gauge compliance with the 1996 National Firearms Agreement.

Canberra, April 1997.

pdf Cox C J Australia TAS Supreme Court R v Martin Bryant

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Comments on Passing Sentence

Tasmania Supreme Court - R v Martin Bryant
Cox C J

In consequence of the tragic events at Port Arthur on 28 and 29 April of this year and of his plea of guilty to the unprecedented list of crimes contained in the indictment before me, the prisoner stands for sentence in respect of: the murder of no less than thirty-five persons; twenty attempts to murder others; the infliction of grievous bodily harm on yet three more; and the infliction of wounds upon a further eight persons.

pdf Policing Gun Laws

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Policing Gun Laws

Non-Compliance, Neglect and a Lack of Enforcement Continue to Undermine New Zealand’s Firearms Laws

A Report Commissioned by the New Zealand Police Association.

Wellington, October 1996.

pdf Locking Up Guns

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Locking Up Guns

Foiling Thieves, Children and the Momentarily Suicidal

A Report Commissioned by the New Zealand Police Association

Wellington, 14 August 1996.

pdf New Zealand Guns and Domestic Violence Bill Submission

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Domestic Violence Bill: Invited Comments on Provisions Relating to Firearms

Guns in Family Violence: Legal Weapons Pose the Greatest Risk

By opposing mandatory seizure of firearms following a protection order, police and some legislators seem inclined to deny the reality of gun-related violence as revealed by their own files.

Auckland, 14 November 1995.

pdf Firearm Homicide in New Zealand 1992-94

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Firearm Homicide in New Zealand

Victims, Perpetrators and Their Weapons

Most victims were killed by a licensed gun owner, while 62.5% (and ten out of eleven female victims) were killed with a legal firearm from the collection of a licensed gun owner. Almost all victims (95%) were killed by a familiar person.

With Barbara Morgan. Auckland, 28 June 1995.