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Nous sommes désolés, mais Gun Policy News doit fermer [FR]

3 December 2016, Letter

Chers lecteurs, Garder Gun Policy Actualités en ligne a toujours été une bataille. Nos bulletins quotidiens ont été lancés il y a maintenant 18 ans, mais 40 000 articles plus tard, j'ai été obligé de me séparer de mon équipe multilingue, simplement pour cause de manque de fonds. Aujourd'hui, je suis au regret de vous annoncer la fin de tous les flux de Gun Policy Actualités sur Twitter, Facebook, les courriels de groupes et nos flux RSS, reçus par des... (

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Lo Sentimos, Pero Gun Policy News Debe Cerrar [ES]

3 December 2016, Letter

Estimados lectores, Siempre ha sido una batalla mantener a Gun Policy News online. Nuestros boletines diarios de noticias comenzaron hace 18 años, pero 40.000 artículos más tarde me he visto obligado a dejar ir a nuestro personal multilingüe, simplemente por falta de fondos. Hoy, me temo que todos los servidores de Twitter, páginas de Facebook, grupos de correo electrónico y los servidores de noticias RSS de Gun Policy News a numerosos lectores en español,... (

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Sorry, But Gun Policy News Must Close

3 December 2016

Gun Policy News, Letter

Dear readers, It's always been a battle to keep Gun Policy News online. Our daily news bulletins began 18 years ago, but 40,000 articles later I've been obliged to lay off our multilingual staff, simply for lack of funding. Today I regret that all Gun Policy News Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, E-mail groups and RSS news feeds to many thousands of readers in Spanish, French and English must cease., the parent Web site of Gun Policy News, will remain... (

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Small Arms Survey Research Position Offered

29 November 2016

Small Arms Survey, Web page

Small Arms Survey Research Position Deadline: 18 December 2016 The Geneva-based Small Arms Survey is looking for an English and French-speaking researcher with experience working on weapons and ammunition management projects. Full information at the link... (

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At Least 508 People Were Shot in America Over Thanksgiving

28 November 2016

The Trace (USA)

The streets of New Orleans's French Quarter had swelled with tourists after the annual Bayou Classic football game early Sunday when shots rang out. An argument that started somewhere else washed up on Bourbon Street and became a gun battle. One person died, another nine were wounded. None of the victims were the intended targets. Demontris Toliver was a 25-year-old a tattoo artist from Baton Rouge who was visiting the town where he grew up to celebrate his birthday.... (

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Record Number of Gun Background Checks on US Black Friday

28 November 2016

The Trace (USA)

Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House, and the National Rifle Association's 2016 champion Donald Trump is almost certain to leave firearm regulations alone. But America's appetite for guns is more voracious than ever. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed more background checks for gun transactions on Black Friday — 185,713 in total — than on any single day since the system launched nearly two... (

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Gun Sales Soared, No Panic Buying on US 'Black Friday' [ES]

27 November 2016


[Translated summary: Buyers crowded gun shops during 'Black Friday' in the US. The law bans gun buying as a gift, so big discounts were the main factor boosting sales. Some gun dealers had stocked up before the elections in the hope of panic buying if Hillary Clinton won.] Multitudes de compradores llegaron a las tiendas de armas durante el pasado viernes negro, el gran día del año para este negocio. Ciertamente, las ventas de armas en el viernes negro no están... (

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Pennsylvania Lifts Ban on Hunting with Semi-automatic Guns

27 November 2016

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

It isn't a sense of power in his hands, or the thrill of having the ability to kill. It's not even the ear bursting BANG, BANG, BANG at the shooting range. "People who don't have guns never understand why we shoot," said Stephen Ambrose of Washington, Pa. "For me it's the accuracy, the control. When I can punch five holes within the size of a quarter with a semiautomatic tactical rifle, it's a skill most people don't have. I go out to the shooting range and work on it,... (

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Why Not Smart Guns in This High-Tech Era? - NY Times

26 November 2016

New York Times, Editorial

The Department of Justice has issued official guidelines for the manufacture of smart guns — weapons that, like smartphones, have technology to allow only the rightful owners to use them. The guidelines aim to "shape the future of gun safety technology," as called for under an executive order issued in January by President Obama, in the face of Congress's refusal to deal with the nation's horrendous toll of gun deaths. Nearly 7,000 children committed suicide with... (

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Gun Sales Boom in America's 'Black Friday' Shopping Spree

25 November 2016


The Black Friday weapon sales are not driven by the Christmas spirit since gun laws in many states prohibit buying guns for someone else. The sales are driven by sharp discounts. Not far from New York City, hundreds of shoppers packed into RTSP, a gun shop and firing range in Randolph, New Jersey, lured by Black Friday discounts of 5% to 10% for guns, ammunition and accessories. Dr. Joseph Feldman, a surgeon from neighboring Montville, was buying a $500 Sig Sauer... (

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2,300 Guns Seized This Year in Honduras [ES]

25 November 2016

La Prensa (Honduras)

[Translated summary: 2,300 guns were seized since the beginning of 2016 in Honduras. Most illegal firearms belong to gangs, including AK47 and AR15 rifles. The majority of homicides are committed with pistols and rifles.] San Pedro Sula -- El tráfico y uso de armas ilegales es uno de los delitos que más afecta al país, la mayoría de homicidios son cometidos con pistolas y fusiles de guerra. El mayor número de armas ilícitas están en manos de grupos criminales... (

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US Needs Better Laws to Protect Mentally Ill from Guns [ES]

24 November 2016

El Nuevo Herald (US), Editorial

[Translated summary: Loopholes in US law allow mentally ill people to purchase firearms. Most gun shops operate with caution but some don't perform background checks. It is urgent to reinforce background checks for all transactions, but, at the same time, it is necessary to not generalise saying that all mentally ill people are violent.] Hace cuatro años, una mujer que padece esquizofrenia paranoide llamada Colby Sue Weathers mató a su padre disparándole por la... (

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604 Homicides in Canada in 2015

24 November 2016

Highbury Clock (UK)

According to a report issued Wednesday by Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan reported the highest homicide rate in the country in 2015, with 3.79 per 100,000 people. Saskatoon came in second with a rate of 3.22. Quebec is among the provinces with the lowest provincial homicide rate - 0.93 per 100,000 people - while Saskatchewan has the highest rate: 3.79 per 100,000 people. Despite this increase over 2014, the homicide rate in Canada in 2015 remains below the average... (

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24,000 Guns Seized in Tamaulipas, Mexico Since 2011 [ES]

23 November 2016

Expreso (Mexico)

[Translated summary: The Mexican Army has seized 24,000 firearms in the state of Tamaulipas since January 2011, most of them in an operation that involved civilians with pistols, semi-automatic guns and assault weapons. In the same period, 2,871 guns were destroyed and 10,611 new firearms were registered.] CIUDAD VICTORIA -- El Ejército ha asegurado 24 mil armas de fuego en Tamaulipas de enero de 2011 a octubre de este año, la mayoría en operativos que involucraban... (

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Trump's Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns - NBC

23 November 2016

NBC News (USA)

After Donald Trump's win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol. Scott, an African-American, is one of many minorities who have been flocking to gun stores to protect themselves, afraid Trump's victory will incite more hate crimes. "You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it," one gun shop owner told NBC News. Gun store owners told NBC News that since November 8... (

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Pentagon Beats Trump to Allow Private Guns on Military Bases

23 November 2016

The Trace (USA)

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump vowed to use his executive authority to immediately scrap a longstanding rule that bars military personnel from carrying their own firearms on bases and at recruiting centers. Late last week, the Department of Defense took its own steps to loosen restrictions on private gun carry in new rules issued by the Pentagon. A November 18 directive, approved by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work, says base commanders "may grant... (

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How America's Gun Violence Research Ban Hurt Science

23 November 2016

Huffington Post (USA)

In 1996, Congress passed the Dickey Amendment, effectively banning government research on gun violence. But these days, former Republican representative Jay Dickey sees his namesake amendment for what it was: A mistake. "I wish we had started the proper research and kept it going all this time," Dickey told The Huffington Post last year. "I have regrets." Now, a research letter published as part of a series on firearm violence in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine... (

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Traffickers Flood Mexico with Easily Bought American Guns [ES]

22 November 2016

Vice News (US)

[Translated summary: Although Mexico has some of the strictest gun legislation in the world, with only one shop where guns can be bought legally, there are more than 15 million guns in circulation and 85% are illegal. One of the main reasons is the proximity of the USA, where guns are easily available. Almost 100,000 Mexicans died of gun wounds in the last decade.] Es casi la media noche del 11 de octubre y la policía recibe una llamada de emergencia alertando de una... (

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US National Institute of Justice Encourages 'Smart Guns' [ES]

22 November 2016

Actualidad Gadget (Spain)

[Translated summary: Although 'smart guns' are already on sale in the US, the National Institute of Justice has just created specific regulations for this kind of firearms. The specifications are not mandatory, they are designed to boost the growth of gun safety technology.] Aunque parezca que el desarrollo de sistemas de inteligencia artificial básicamente se está llevando a cabo por empresas como Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM… lo cierto es que cada vez hay más... (

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Pentagon Relaxes Gun Carrying on US Military Premises [FR]

22 November 2016

Le Journal de Montréal

[Translated summary: The Pentagon has softened the rules that restricted military personnel carrying guns, as a consequence of a shooting in Chattanooga that left five soldiers dead. According to the new rules, military officers will be able to carry a private gun on their base or place of work but they will need authorisation from their superiors.] Le Pentagone a assoupli les règles restreignant le port d'armes des militaires sur le territoire américain, une... (

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