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14 January 2015

Australian Associated Press

A Glock pistol found in an Aladdin's cave of drugs and firearms this month allegedly came from an imported guns cache that has featured in high-profile Sydney crimes. More than 200 Glock pistols were illegally funnelled to Australia from Germany before Strike Force Maxworthy smashed the firearms racket in 2012. The pistols have popped up in high-profile crimes, including the shooting of notorious criminal Bassam Hamzy's aunt in March 2013. Maha Hamze was shot in the... (

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22 June 2014

Windsor Star (Ontario), Blog

The men hugging each other in a Windsor bar looked like old friends catching up, but the police trailing them knew better. Investigators say they were at Rack n' Roll Club on Forest Glade Drive for a gun sale, one of many that supplied Toronto gangsters with firepower as they peddled drugs, settled scores and waged a bloody power struggle. The salesman was Windsor's Lamar Porter, who already had more than 20 criminal convictions. The buyers were Siyadin Abdi, also... (

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29 May 2014

Jamaica Observer

ST CATHERINE, Jamaica - Police operating in Kingston West and St Catherine divisions say that in less than 24 hours, they removed 13 firearms and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition from the possession of criminals The lawmen also apprehended a man they believe is the leader of Kingston's notorious Scare Dem Crew Gang. The police said they were able to accomplish this in separate incidents between Wednesday, May 28 and Thursday, May 29. Reports are that about 1:30... (

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United Kingdom

17 April 2014

Guardian (UK)

Police have seized 30 firearms including assault rifles, sawn-off shotguns, an Uzi sub-machine gun and a Thompson machine gun in one of the largest arms finds recorded in London. The huge arsenal, which included a large amount of ammunition, was found at an address in Waltham Forest, east London, after Metropolitan police officers executed a search warrant on Wednesday morning. A 51-year-old man was arrested and remains in custody, the Met said.. Detectives from... (

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United Kingdom,United States

14 March 2014

Telegraph (UK)

A teenager who bought a machine gun online and had it delivered to his family home, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and nunchucks, has been jailed for six years. Reza Khalilzada, 18, was caught hiding an assault rifle under his bed which he had ordered from a US website. Police were alerted after suspicious customs officials in the US examined a heavy box destined for Khalilzada's address in Pinner, Middlesex, in August last year. Instead of the ceramic... (

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25 February 2014

Guardian (UK)

The town of Oberndorf should look a lot nicer. Nature offered plenty of blessings. Its 14,000 inhabitants live sheltered in the green and rocky Neckar valley, where the narrow, sparkling river Neckar grooves its way through the Black Forest in one of Germany's most picturesque corners. This is the heart of Baden-Württemberg: tranquil and prosperous, the sunniest and warmest part of Germany. Yet Oberndorf's town centre doesn't include the cobbled square lined with... (

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14 January 2014

Malaysian Insider

Police are to review their standard operating procedure (SOP) on the issuance of firearms to off-duty personnel following two recent incidents in which drunk policemen had their weapons taken from them. Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said a new SOP was needed to address this problem. "It (SOP) should be reviewed so that what happened two days ago will not occur again," he told reporters after attending a Malidur Rasul gathering at SK Mati... (

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United Kingdom

12 January 2014

Independent (UK)

Surrounded by a fearsome array of 2,000 assorted lethal weapons ranging from a rocket-propelled grenade to a homemade blunderbuss, Tony Gallagher points to a rack of 100-year-old revolvers straight out of a cowboy film. He said: "We're seeing a few more of these on the streets now." As a forensic expert for the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) at its high-security laboratory in an anonymous building in a Birmingham suburb, Tony and his colleagues know... (

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9 January 2014

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

EXCLUSIVE - An arms dealer who supplies high-powered guns to the Australian Defence Force has been questioned over weapons permit breaches and suspected underworld connections. The dealer, who has been ­allowed to import lethal weapons for more than a decade, has links with a group of ex-soldiers whose associates include underworld figures and bikies. For six years, the dealer's firm has been the subject of multiple probes by state and federal authorities, including... (

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6 December 2013

Bahamas Weekly

NASSAU, Bahamas - An enhanced effort by the RBPF Firearms Tracing and Investigations Unit, aimed at ridding the streets of illegal firearms is paying off. Officers assigned to the Unit have removed more than 100 illegal weapons off streets across New Providence since its implementation in September 2013. The recovery of five (5) illegal weapons off the streets of New Providence on Thursday 5th December 2013, was yet another example of the excellent work of the... (

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28 November 2013

Sky News (Australia)

A Queensland father and his two sons have been charged over an enormous cache of 328 illegal weapons and 4.2 tonnes of ammunition. It's believed to be the largest haul of illegal weapons ever uncovered in the state. Police raided their 800-hectare property at Moonford, near Monto, inland from Bundaberg, on Monday. They found the enormous stockpile including automatic and semi-automatic firearms, many of which had been modified. An MP5 navy sub machine gun used in... (

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12 November 2013

Local (Germany)

German arms experts unveiled one of the biggest private weapons hauls ever found on Monday. Examining the 200 firearms, which were found in a pensioners home and included grenades, a bazooka and machine gun, took hours. Spread over four huge tables at the Hannover State Office of Criminal Investigations were 142 pistols, 29 automatic pistols, 28 revolvers, 11 hand grenades, two machine guns, two land mines, an Uzi, a Skorpion submachine gun, a Kalashnikov, a bazooka... (

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South Sudan,Somalia,Burundi,Liberia,Ghana,United States,Europe,Zimbabwe,Uganda,Tanzania,Sudan,Nigeria,Namibia,Kenya,Ethiopia,Africa

5 November 2013

IPI Global Observatory

Africa is ground zero in the international debate on controlling the small arms and light weapons trade. For more than a decade, diplomatic activity to contain arms and ammunition transfers has been animated by a concern with instability and contagion generated by the continent's many wars. Leading think tanks, research groups, and advocacy organizations have repeatedly drawn attention to the way the burden of armed violence in Africa is a product of low-tech assault... (

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11 October 2013

BBC News

Two men have been convicted of being involved in a plot to buy guns and ammunition destined for Scotland. The £3,500 consignment was discovered after being abandoned at Carlisle railway station in August last year. During a trial at Liverpool Crown Court, Barry Kelly and Craig Colquhoun denied trying to buy the stash. Two other men who supplied the weapons, William Dempsey, a serving soldier, and Martin Ashdown, pleaded guilty to firearm offences. The trial heard... (

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Serbia,England & Wales

6 August 2013

Daily Mail (UK)

A Tory candidate has been jailed for 16 years for selling submachine guns he smuggled from Serbia to drugs gangs in Britain. Marcus Simpson, who narrowly missed out on being elected to his local council, offered gangsters a 'menu' of weapons that included a Scorpion submachine gun, a laser-sighted assault rifle and Walther PPKs, plus silencers and ammunition. Simpson, 42, was a Conservative candidate for Corby, Northamptonshire, in the 2011 local elections. He lost by... (

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11 July 2013

BBC News

Irish police (Garda) say they have made their biggest ever find of dissident republican arms and explosives at a location in north Dublin. Guns, ammunition and 15kg of Semtex explosive were found on land at the Old Airport Road in Cloghran. Superintendent David Taylor said the seizure was a major blow to the activities of dissident republicans. The arms were retrieved last week and included former Provisional IRA weapons. Replica and real guns including an UZI 9mm... (

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3 June 2013

Local (France)

French police have charged a 30-year-old man with supplying weapons used by Islamist gunman Mohamed Merah when he killed seven people in and around the southern city of Toulouse last year. Fetha Malki, a Toulouse resident with a history of petty crimes, was charged over the weekend with complicity in murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise and ordered held without bail. He faces other charges of receiving stolen goods and selling illegal weapons. Judicial... (

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1 May 2013

Global News (Canada)

Six years after approving German-made rifles that can be converted to machine guns "in minutes" – guns that by law should have been prohibited to begin with – the federal government will spend up to $260,000 buying them from their owners. In February 2007, the RCMP classified the SSD BD38, a semi-automatic replica of a German Second World War-era sub-machine gun, as a 'restricted' firearm, meaning that it had the same legal status as a handgun. That classification... (

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10 April 2013

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

DAR ES SALAAM - Police in the city have recovered three guns and 33 bullets from different locations. The weapons were reportedly to be used by suspected bandits in commiting robberies. The firearms were recovered in a special round up carried out by police after receiving intelligence information from citizens, according to Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Mr Suleiman Kova. He said that one sub machine gun (SMG) was recovered at Kimbangulile area in... (

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27 March 2013

BBC News

The Commissioner of the Irish police has rejected calls for detectives to be reissued with Uzi submachine guns. Martin Callinan said it "would not have made the slightest bit of difference" if a murdered detective had been armed with an Uzi. Detective Adrian Donohoe was shot during a robbery on 25 January 2013. The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) passed a motion calling for the reissue of the Israeli-made weapons at its conference. The guns,... (

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9 March 2013


KATHMANDU - With the objective of controlling the illegal trade of small arms like pistol, Nepal has decided to endorse the UN small arms convention which is being discussed among the UN members at present. "Nepal supports the bid to regulate and control the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons," the Kathmandu Post quoted a government official, as saying, on Saturday. "It is of prime importance that the small arms do not reach the non-state actors, who may... (

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7 March 2013

RIA Novosti (Russia)

MOSCOW – The police and the Federal Security Service (FSB) have uncovered an underground arms factory and large cache of firearms in the Moscow Region, the Interior Ministry reported on Thursday. "Two underground workshops for arms re-engineering were liquidated and four suspected criminal gang members were arrested," the police reported in a statement. The workshops were based in two garages west of Moscow, where the security forces discovered at least nine machine... (

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20 February 2013

Times of Malta

The police are holding a Maltese man in his 30s in connection with the murder of Ronald Galea, who was shot outside his meat factory in Ħal Far on Monday. The man, who the police said was "assisting investigations", works in a field similar to that of the victim, Assistant Police Commissioner Pierre Calleja said during a press conference yesterday. He did not reply when asked whether the man was cooperating with the investigation but said that tests to determine... (

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Papua New Guinea

25 January 2013

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Papua New Guinea's acting Clerk of Parliament Simon Ila has purchased 32 high-powered guns and about 10,000 ammunition for Parliament security guards at a cost of K556,000. This is on top of side-arms for some Ministers and Members of Parliament who also have armed personnel from the Special VIP protection Unit. Among the purchase was a very high-powered weapon only issued to the military and for special forces – the HK MP7 A1 which cost K38,500 for one, with its 30... (

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Papua New Guinea

25 January 2013

Business Spectator / Australian Associated Press

Papua New Guinea's parliamentary speaker has denied reports the acting clerk has bought $A250,000 of machine guns for parliamentary security. The Post-Courier on Friday carried a front-page story citing a letter by acting clerk Simon Ila to police officials advising of the purchase despite the objections of police commissioner Tom Kulunga. PNG's parliamentary speaker, whose office denied knowledge of the purchase on Thursday night according to the paper, cancelled a... (

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5 December 2012

New Strait Times (Malaysia)

SHAH ALAM - Police corporal Jenain Subi was acting within the scope of his duties when he opened fire at the Proton Iswara driven by teenager Aminulrasyid Amzah two years ago. The High Court found that Jenain had only answered was only doing his duty when he tried to stop a speeding vehicle. Judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli said this yesterday before acquitting Jenain after allowing his appeal against his conviction and sentence of five years' jail for causing the... (

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27 November 2012

New York Times

PHNOM PENH — Just after a Honda pickup truck screeched to a halt beyond the decommissioned Soviet-era Antonov aircraft, four resolute-looking Chinese men with a military escort climbed out, slammed the doors shut and neatly arranged a series of firearms they had been carrying on a nearby table. Once the pistols' magazines were loaded with shiny golden bullets, they began emptying round after round into paper targets at a distance of 25 meters, or 82 feet. Nearby,... (

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5 November 2012

Daily Trust (Abuja)

LAFIA — A syndicate of gun runners, led by a native doctor, Daniel Danladi, have been nabbed by a team of men of the State Security Service (SSS) in Nasarawa State. The team also also recovered three AK47 rifles and a sub-machine gun. Abubakar Bubuche, state director of the security agency, who paraded the five suspects at the directorate's office in Lafia, on Tuesday afternoon, said charms, as well as 48 rounds of ammunition, were also recovered from the suspects... (

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Scotland,United Kingdom

31 October 2012

Scotsman (Edinburgh) / Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland)

Silenced pistols, rifles and sub-machine gun rounds are among the firearms seized in the past year by the elite unit set up to take down organised crime in the Lothians. Officers from the Serious and Organised Crime Unit also 
recovered seven shotguns, two revolvers and two stun guns during raids on gang members and properties. Hollow point bullets – dubbed "dum dums" – were also recovered. The shells shatter on impact, where conventional bullets flatten, and... (

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13 September 2012

This Day (Lagos)

Operatives of the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State Wednesday arrested 11 suspected members of the Boko Haram sect in an overnight raid. The suspects were arrested in the Waka-Biu region of the state. Recovered from them were automatic weapons, ammunition and several homemade bombs. Confirming the arrest, the spokesman of the JTF, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa, listed the dangerous weapons recovered from the sect to include a sub-machine gun, seven AK-47s, 1,568... (

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Eastern Europe,France

7 September 2012

Le Cawa d'AdmiNet (France)

Gun control has shot to the top of the political agenda in France in recent years because of massive influx of weapons from Eastern Europe. Largely un-policed border crossings with countries like Italy have seen thousands of guns pouring into major cities over the past few decades from countries like Serbia and the Ukraine. This has led to a huge increase in the number of criminals brandishing weapons, especially drugs gangs and ones linked to the Italian and Russian... (

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South Africa

5 September 2012

Defence Web (South Africa)

The South African National Defence Force has lost or had stolen 51 firearms since 2009, including 38 assault rifles, according to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans. Defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula stated that 51 firearms, including a machine gun and a grenade launcher, have been lost by or stolen from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) since 2009. This emerged in response to a parliamentary question posed by Pieter Groenewald of the... (

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4 September 2012

Adelaide Now

Police have uncovered a fully-loaded Uzi sub-machine gun in Adelaide as part of a major ice ring bust, in which more than $2.5 million in drugs and weapons were seized. … It is the biggest drug bust this year. The rare gun - which was found alongside other purpose-made weapons such as handguns and a sawn-off shotgun - is unusual in South Australia and police are concerned about its origins. Two men and a woman have been arrested after six house raids - on August... (

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28 August 2012

Zee News (India)

RIO DE JANEIRO - Six people were killed and 14 wounded in a gunfight at a nightclub in the southeastern Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, police said Monday, blaming the violence on a dispute between gangs. Scores of people were inside the club late Sunday night when two armed men burst in as a band was playing and started firing indiscriminately. One of the intruders was carrying a military-issue submachine gun, police said. Several club patrons drew guns and... (

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24 August 2012

Observer (Kampala)

Police yesterday said murders in the country were on the rise because of the rampant influx of guns and ammunition through Uganda's porous borders. Police publicist Simon Kuteesa told journalists that most of the murders in the country were a result of shooting, mob justice, assault, suicide and love gone bad. "The major challenge we have is that our borders are porous and there is no way we can fight the influx of the ammunitions," Kuteesa said, as police released... (

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16 August 2012

EFE News Agency / Fox News Latino (USA)

The warden of a prison in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Maracaibo escaped unharmed on Thursday when a group of inmates shot at him, authorities in Zulia state said. The prison chief came under attack while investigating a report of armed inmates in one of the cellblocks, state Security and Public Order Secretary Odalis Caldera told Efe. The warden was accompanied by members of the police team responsible for security outside the prison walls and the attack "was... (

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13 August 2012

BBC News

Police in Thailand say that they will charge a member of the Thai parliament with causing death by negligence for accidentally shooting his secretary dead with a submachine gun. They say that the accident happened in a restaurant on Sunday night. Senator Boonsong Kowawisarat took out a 9mm Uzi submachine gun while waiting for food, the Bangkok Post reported. He told police the gun accidentally discharged and his secretary was shot in the stomach. Police say that the... (

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14 July 2012

Kaieteur News (Guyana)

Less than a week after Acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell warned corrupt ranks to turn in their badges, five TSU ranks are under investigation for allegedly collecting $360,000 to release a man whom they had nabbed with drugs and a loaded submachine gun. Kaieteur News understands that the incident occurred on Thursday in Kitty and that three of the ranks, including a cadet officer, are under close arrest at the Brickdam Police Station. Investigators have seized... (

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19 June 2012

Global News (Canada)

A Global News investigation has found dozens more misclassified firearms which might be deleted with the long gun registry. Yesterday, Global News reported finding 361 handguns and three automatic weapons classified as if they were mainstream rifles or shotguns, which, all other things being equal, means that their data will be deleted. Since that story appeared, we have found more than 120 weapons in the firearms registry which aren't classified at all. They include... (

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30 May 2012

Australian Associated Press

A spike in gun seizures in NSW has intensified calls for a national ballistics testing system to help authorities link weapons to crimes. The latest police figures show nearly 4500 firearms have been seized in NSW since January 2011, with more than a third of those located in the past two months. Police Minister Michael Gallacher on Wednesday watched the destruction of 142 of these weapons, including a "Dirty Harry" style .45 calibre revolver, an Uzi submachine gun, a... (

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United States,Canada

29 March 2012

880 CKLQ AM (Manitoba)

A 47 year old former member of the military has been sentenced to one year in jail for smuggling a submachine gun part into Canada from the United States. He did so by hiding it in a bag of empty beer cans when crossing the border on November 5th, 2011. Cameron Eugene Bell says he was going to just display the parts of the gun as art. Along with one year in jail he was sentenced to a 15 year firearms ban and lifetime restricted weapons... (

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Eastern Europe,France

27 March 2012

Christian Science Monitor

France's strict gun laws sharply limit legal ownership. But illegal trafficking is on the rise – at prices that people like Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah can afford. PARIS - As the prosecutor listed the weapons gunman Mohamed Merah amassed before going on a shooting rampage in Toulouse, French citizens received a stark reminder that gun trafficking doesn't only affect unstable countries. It's happening in France, too – a nation that is anything but gun-friendly.... (

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23 March 2012


PARIS - As France asks itself whether it could have done more to prevent Islamist gunman Mohamed Merah shooting dead seven people in a killing spree that shook the nation, there is one question that refuses to go away: how did he obtain so many guns. The size and nature of the arsenal amassed by Merah - who stockpiled at least eight guns including a Kalashnikov assault rifle and an Uzi machine pistol - has focused attention on the easy availability of illegal weapons... (

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United States

5 March 2012

New York Times

LAS VEGAS — For Vegas die-hards bored with the $750 tasting menu at Guy Savoy, the $250 Elton John tickets at Caesars or the $200,000 baccarat bet at the Bellagio, this city is serving up a new way to find high-priced thrills. Machine Guns Vegas — an upscale indoor shooting range complete with skimpily dressed gun-toting hostesses — opened last week a half-mile from the Strip with an armory of weapons and a promise to fulfill the desires of anyone wanting to... (

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14 September 2011

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

December 23, 2008 Sydney Huge haul of weapons including: Assault rifles: Steyr F88, Norinco SKS, Marlin 60 and ADI SLR L1A1 Handguns: Beretta 92FS and Remington 870 Wingmaster Shot guns: Mossberg 500A Teargas 16cm rifle silencer Pistol scope Megatron Transformer December 8, 2009 Sydney 980 rounds of FMJ green tip M855 Penetrator armour piercing bullets July 25, 2006 Brisbane Steyer tactical scout elite .308 calibre rifle, with telescopic sight May 30,... (

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15 August 2011

China Daily

XIAMEN, Fujian - Three men in East China's Fujian province have been charged with producing and selling imitation guns following a raid on a toy gun factory in Jinjiang city in July. You Zhixian, a publicity officer with Jinjiang public security bureau, said the three suspects surnamed Huang, Ge and Chen had been arrested on suspicion of producing and selling imitation guns that could cause injury. "More than 10,000 imitation firearms were discovered in the factory,"... (

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United States

20 July 2011

Indiana Daily Student

An Ellettsville gun shop owner was arrested for several serious weapons violations July 19, after a seven-month-long investigation by the Monroe County Sheriff's office. Law enforcement received a tip in January that Donald Mullendore, 61 of Ellettsville, might be selling firearms in violation of federal law. A criminal investigation then followed, according to a press release from the office of the U.S. District Attorney for Southern Indiana, Joesph Hogsett. An... (

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20 June 2011

Jamaica Gleaner

The St Catherine South police yesterday seized four illegal guns within an eight-hour period and charged one man with breaches of the Firearms Act. The guns were seized in Waterford and Old Harbour, respectively. About 9:45 a.m., a team, led by Senior Superintendent Colin Pinnock, went along Caymanas Drive in Waterford, St Catherine. Following the searches of a number of premises, the team inspected bushes near the Waterford Primary School. This resulted in the... (

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United Kingdom

12 April 2011

BBC News

Two men have been been jailed for life for shooting dead a 16-year-old as she waited for pizza in an east London takeaway. What the jury did not know was the gun that killed her had been used in six other shootings. On a Wednesday evening in April last year, Agnes Sina-Inakoju met two friends at a chicken and pizza shop in Hoxton, east London. Agnes, who was described by her family as "charismatic, ambitious, loving and caring", had been doing well at school and had... (

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United Kingdom

8 April 2011

Daily Mail (UK)

It is a fearsome array of weapons including a Kalashnikov, Uzi sub-machine gun, shotguns and pistols. But this astonishing arsenal was not seized from a gang of organised criminals, but the private collection of a fruit and veg trader. David Evans had claimed he only bought replica weapons to use for 'war games' in his loft, where he kitted out mannequins with imitation guns to recreate scenes from war movies such as Saving Private Ryan. But yesterday the... (

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United States

28 March 2011

Star-Ledger (New Jersey)

PISCATAWAY — A Piscataway police sergeant died from a gunshot wound after he barricaded himself in his home, told police he had hostages, then stepped on his front porch and fired a submachine gun at officers who returned fire, authorities said. David Powell, 46, of 130 Parkside Ave., was pronounced dead in his home at 1:41 a.m. today, about 10 hours after the incident began, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan said in a statement this afternoon. Ballistic... (

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United States

6 March 2011

Star-Ledger (New Jersey)

NEWARK — Standing at the intersection of Court and Broome streets in Newark last year, city Police Director Garry McCarthy surveyed a crime scene that looked like a war zone. He was staring at a sport-utility vehicle riddled with bullets, its front end looking like "swiss cheese." At McCarthy's feet lay more than 40 shell casings, most of them spat from the barrell of an assault rifle. Less than two miles away, a similar scene unfolded in Newark's South Ward. Five... (

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United States

15 January 2011

Boston Globe

The emotionally racked trial of a former Pelham police chief charged in connection with the accidental shooting death of an 8-year-old boy at a gun fair came to an end yesterday with a jury acquitting Edward Fleury, who cried at the verdict. Fleury, 53, was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and multiple counts of furnishing a machine gun to a minor. Christopher Bizilj of Ashford, Conn., lost control of an Uzi submachine gun and shot himself in the head in... (

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United States

14 January 2011

BBC News

A Massachusetts jury has acquitted a man who organised a gun fair where a boy accidentally shot himself dead with an Uzi sub-machine gun. Prosecutors said Edward Fleury, a former police chief, should have foreseen the risk in providing Christopher Bizilj, 8, with the gun. He was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter after showing the boy's father allowed him to fire the weapon. The boy lost control of the weapon, which flipped and shot him in the head. Mr... (

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United States

14 January 2011


Jurors reached an acquittal verdict on Friday in the trial of a former police chief in the accidental fatal shooting of an 8-year-old boy at an October 2008 event at Westfield Sportsman's Club. The shooting event had been organized and sponsored by former Pelham police chief Edward D. Fleury, who had been charged with involuntary manslaughter. The child, Christopher Bizilj, was killed instantly by a shot to his head while firing a 9mm micro Uzi submachine gun. The... (

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United States

12 January 2011

Wall Street Journal

Police and gun dealers say Glock semiautomatic pistols, including the lightweight model allegedly used in the Tucson rampage last weekend, are among the most popular firearms in the U.S. because they are easy to use, reliable and accurate. "The Glock is a very popular weapon, generally not only with the law enforcement but with civilians," said James Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents about 330,000 street-level officers. "It's... (

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United States

7 January 2011

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts — A teenager who supervised an 8-year-old who shot himself with an Uzi submachine gun at a 2008 gun fair testified Friday that he told the boy's father that "it wasn't a good idea" to let the child fire it. Michael Spano was a witness in the trial of Edward Fleury, whose company co-sponsored the exhibition at the Westfield Sportsman's Club. Fleury has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and other charges in the death of... (

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United States

6 January 2011

Boston Globe

A chilling video shown in Hampden Superior Court today captured the moment an 8-year-old boy from Connecticut fatally shot himself with an Uzi submachine gun at a 2008 gun show in western Massachusetts. The video, which showed the boy squeezing the trigger and the automatic weapon suddenly tilting upward and then backward in his small hands before he apparently shot himself, elicited shrieks from shocked spectators in the courtroom and the jury box. Christopher... (

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United States

4 January 2011

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts - "Reckless and illegal actions" by a former police chief led to the accidental death of a boy who shot himself in the face with an Uzi submachine gun at a gun show, a prosecutor said Tuesday. But others, including the boy's father, made the fatal decisions, a defense attorney said. Former Pelham Police Chief Edward Fleury, whose company co-sponsored the event, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and furnishing a weapon to a... (

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United States

27 December 2010

Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)

WESLEY CHAPEL -- Weekend mornings, John Famolari's two young children love to play baseball and soccer in their spacious backyard - at least until their neighbor across the creek breaks out his machine guns. In a wooded lot about 500 feet away, Dr. Michael Land regularly uses a Thompson submachine gun and other automatic weapons for target practice. The racket often makes it hard for Famolari and his wife to talk - and even harder for them to entertain guests at their... (

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United States

19 December 2010

Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts) / AP

WORCESTER — Officials say almost 200 firearms were collected during Worcester's annual "Goods for Guns" program, including a 9mm submachine gun and an AK-47. Organizers say 69 handguns were turned in during the recent two-day event, along with 65 semi-automatic weapons and 59 rifles. People receive Walmart gift certificates in return. The program's intent is to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands and being used in violent acts. Donated guns usually are... (

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United States

17 December 2010

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts - A judge ruled Friday that jurors in the manslaughter trial of a former western Massachusetts police chief won't hear audio from the most graphic part of a video that shows an 8-year-old boy accidentally shooting himself to death with an Uzi submachine gun. Hampden Superior Court Judge Peter Velis' ruling came as jury selection resumed in the case of former Pelham Police Chief Edward Fleury, whose company co-sponsored a 2008 gun fair where... (

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United States

12 December 2010

Herald (Scotland)

Gun control campaigners in the USA are waving the white flag after a year of crushing setbacks. Shocking mass murders and shooting accidents that would scandalise any other developed nation barely register in the public consciousness. As the death toll rises, the National Rifle Association's (NRA) string of legislative and legal victories continues. Against this backdrop comes the latest gun-related horror story: a former police chief in Massachusetts is on trial for... (

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United States

8 December 2010

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts - The manslaughter trial of a former Massachusetts police chief charged in the death of an 8-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself with an Uzi submachine gun at a fair has been postponed indefinitely after the defendant fell ill. Edward Fleury's lawyer, Rosemary Curran Scapiccio, said Wednesday that he is hospitalized with an illness she did not have permission to publicly disclose. The Republican of Springfield reports that Scapiccio... (

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United States

8 December 2010

New York Times

BOSTON — A judge ruled Tuesday that jurors can be shown video of an 8-year-old boy accidentally shooting himself in the head with a submachine gun at a gun show, setting up an unusually grisly courtroom scene in the manslaughter trial of a former police chief who organized the event. Judge Peter A. Velis of Hampden Superior Court in Springfield, Mass., is still deciding whether audio from after the shooting — in which the boy can be heard screaming and his father... (

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United States

5 December 2010

Associated Press

BOSTON - Eight-year-old Christopher Bizilj — 4-foot-3 and 66 pounds — stepped up to the firing range to shoot an Uzi as his father and 11-year-old brother watched from a few feet away. As Christopher fired the 9mm micro submachine gun at a pumpkin, the weapon flipped backward and shot him in the head. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Prosecutors brought manslaughter charges against the gun club where the machine gun shoot took place, two men who supplied... (

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United States

3 December 2010

Associated Press

As a former Massachusetts police chief heads to trial on manslaughter charges in the accidental shooting death of an eight-year-old boy at a gun fair, prosecutors and defence lawyers are wrangling over a horrific piece of evidence: a videotape of the shooting taken by the boy's father. Former Pelham police Chief Edward Fleury is scheduled to go on trial next week in the 2008 death of Christopher Bizilj, who was killed when he lost control of an Uzi at a gun fair and... (

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United States

26 October 2010

Salon (USA), Book review

Few common objects are as shrouded in mystery as the gun. I don't mean to suggest large numbers of people are unfamiliar with guns, because in this country, that's not the case. The long tradition of routine, practical gun ownership in the United States continues to this day, in rural areas especially. According to a regular Gallup poll question, somewhere between 38 percent and 42 percent of U.S. households contain at least one firearm. I visited many a firing range... (

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United States

16 October 2010

Wall Street Journal, Book review

The AK-47 is the most numerous and widely distributed weapon in history, with a name and appearance that are instantly recognized worldwide. Designed in the late 1940s for the Soviet Army, the Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 ("Automatic of Kalashnikov 1947") became the universal weapon by the late 20th century, used by armies, militias and terrorists in practically every armed conflict, and by all sides in most of them. Even the United States has purchased mass quantities of... (

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3 September 2010

Telegram (Newfoundland)

With homemade, automatic weapons in front of him, Const. Chris Young doesn't understate the potential danger. "These things can be devastating in the wrong hands," the RCMP officer says. The firearms on the table include a .22-calibre rifle and an AK-M (AK-47) rifle that were turned into automatic weapons. Also laid out are a 1911-style pistol and a German submachine-gun. Both were handcrafted. All four weapons are the handiwork of Jason Patrick Loder, who even... (

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24 August 2010

BBC News

A security analyst who has worked in counter-terrorism with the British Army and Scotland Yard, Charles Shoebridge, says the officers involved in Manila's bus siege showed great courage - but they were not properly trained or equipped for the task. Here are 10 areas where, in his view, they could have done better. 1. Determination The first officers who tried to storm the bus were driven out by gunshots from the hostage taker, former policeman Rolando Mendoza. "They... (

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14 August 2010

Local (Berlin)

Germany's socialist party The Left, has been hit by an embarrassing scandal, with a mid-ranking functionary charged with illegal trade in military weapons. Manfred Hämmerle, chairman of the party in Hückelhoven near the Dutch border, has been accused of illegally selling a submachine gun, and possibly a Kalashnikov AK47 as well as an Uzi machine gun. Der Spiegel magazine, which reported the story on Saturday, said he could face at least a year in prison if convicted... (

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9 August 2010

Toronto Sun (Ontario)

A machine gun that was reportedly being passed between Hamilton gangsters was found by police during a raid of a local apartment, police said Monday. Officers in the Gangs and Weapons Enforcement Unit (GWEU) had been getting information since November 2009 about a MAC-10 submachine gun "that was being passed around between numerous Hamilton gang members and associates," a Hamilton Police press release said. The information culminated Friday when cops received further... (

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9 August 2010

Hamilton Spectator (Ontario)

Hamilton police have seized a nasty, fully-loaded 9 mm submachine gun from a Park Street South apartment. The gangs and weapons enforcement unit seized the weapon Friday night after receiving information about a rapid fire weapon they've been hearing about on the street since November last year. George Andrew Nossey, 46, of Hamilton, faces numerous weapons charges. Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings said word on the street was that someone had "a Mac 10" and it was being... (

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Trinidad & Tobago

27 July 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Express

A police officer attached to the Witness Protection Programme lost a sub-machine gun in a weekend incident that investigators were still trying to unravel yesterday. The gun and ammunition were found buried in Barrackpore yesterday and six people were arrested. The police corporal had, at first, said he was robbed of the weapon in San Fernando, just before midnight last Saturday. He later told a story about driving along a lonely road in Barrackpore, where he was in... (

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24 June 2010

Calgary Sun (Alberta)

The police seizure of 16 firearms — including a possible submachine gun — indicates the troubling scope of illegal weaponry on city streets, say cops. Following a tip, plainclothes officers on Tuesday observed what appeared to be a weapons transaction involving a 9 mm Uzi submachine gun-style weapon in a parking lot on Heritage Gate S.E. Three men were arrested at the scene and a 2004 Audi A4 seized. On the same day, police raided a home in Edgemont where they... (

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United States

8 June 2010

Boston Globe

A proposal to limit the number of guns a person can buy in Massachusetts is being mulled by the Legislature's Judiciary Committee today, sparking hope among supporters that the bill may finally come to a vote. The bill, introduced by Governor Deval Patrick in May 2009, would prevent people from buying more than one gun a month. It is winding its way through committee as the state and the city of Boston grapple with the shooting deaths of two 14-year-old boys in the... (

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1 June 2010


YONGZHOU, Hunan - A man killed himself after shooting three judges dead and injuring another three judges in a local court office Tuesday in central China's Hunan Province, said local authorities. The incident happened at about 10:05 a.m. at Lingling District People's Court in Yongzhou City, said the city's public security department. The gunman, Zhu Jun, barged into an office on the fourth floor of the court building. He shot the judges in the office before killing... (

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15 May 2010

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

TABORA — A soldier with the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) in Tabora stabbed his wife to death before proceeding to shoot down his niece and a neighbour on Friday night. He then turned the gun on himself. The killings threw the town into shock and rekindled the not-so-distant memories as early in the year, another soldier had opened fire on two colleagues in Kasulu, killing them on the spot. In the Friday incident, whose motivation is yet to be known, the... (

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17 March 2010

680 News Radio (Toronto)

TORONTO, Ontario - Six men now face more than 540 charges in connection with a break-and-enter investigation, according to Toronto police. Last month, a downtown apartment was broken into at 59 Isabella St. The thieves were able to make off with 50 handguns, two shotguns and an Uzi sub-machine gun. The suspects also stole a large-screen television. After executing search warrants in the GTA, Toronto police were able to recover 10 of the 50 handguns, the... (

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10 February 2010

Panay News (Philippines)

SAN JOSE, Antique – The effective implementation of the Antique Police Provincial Office (APPO) of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) gun ban has yielded positive results. APPO Information Officer PO3 Rodelio B. Canja said that from January 10 to 28, three persons were arrested and one is at-large. Confiscated on separate operations were five high-powered fire arms, two fragmentation hand grenades, two bladed weapons and 35 rds of assorted ammunitions. In... (

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Jamaica,United States

14 January 2010

Gleaner (Jamaica)

With 14 days into the new year, the island's security forces have seized more than 1,000 assorted rounds of ammunition and at least 27 illegal firearms, including four high-powered weapons and a number of semi-automatic pistols. The cracks in the existing security system at Port Bustamante were tested on Monday, when a Jamaican connection in New York sent a shipment containing 12 illegal guns and more than 700 rounds of ammunition. Up to late Tuesday, two women and a... (

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United States

8 January 2010

Forbes (USA), Blog

LAS VEGAS -- Mining. Cattle-ranching. Machine gun rentals. If you're a Berkeley-bred crunchie that combination is the stuff of nightmares. If you're entrepreneur Billy Conn, however, it's a living. And, thanks to a weak dollar and ever-tightening firearms laws, business at the machine gun range is good. Conn will only say that the privately-held Las Vegas Gun Range & Firearms Center is a "multi-million" dollar business. However tough firearms laws, a weak dollar, and... (

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28 December 2009

Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines — Several high-powered firearms seized in a series of raids in Maguindanao province over the past weeks were police-issued firearms, Philippine National Police Director General Jesus Verzosa said on Monday. In an interview, Verzosa said that of the more than 800 firearms seized throughout the province of Maguindanao during and after the declaration of martial law there, more than 20 were PNP-issued. He said most of those that were PNP-issued were... (

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United States

24 December 2009

Contra Costa Times (California)

CONCORD, California - Intruders took a small cache of assault weapons from a house this week, and police made an arrest. The only man they arrested, however, was the homeowner — for having the weapons in the first place. Police were called to a home in the 1600 block of Allegro Avenue about 2 a.m. Wednesday after getting reports of a home invasion, said police Lt. Garrett Voerge. A roommate told officers that two men entered the home and at gunpoint, took several... (

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14 December 2009

Hill Times (Ottawa), Opinion

TORONTO — Canada's long-gun registry helps to save lives, protect communities, and prevent crime. It is an important public safety resource that our police use every day in the important work they do. This fall a federal private member's bill to eliminate Canada's long-gun registry has been working its way through Parliament and will soon be considered by a House of Commons committee. As a government that is doing everything in its power to stop the agony caused by... (

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11 December 2009

Australian Associated Press

Two men, including a bikie, have been charged over the manufacture of illegal firearms after police seized rifles, knuckle dusters and firearm parts in Sydney. Officers raided a home in Charles Street, Blacktown, about 4.30pm yesterday, police said. Police allege illegal submachine guns, lightweight automatics or semi-automatic weapons were being made at the home. A 43-year-old man was arrested and police seized a submachine gun, several registered and unregistered... (

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United Kingdom

5 December 2009

Daily Mail (UK)

An innocent game of cops and robbers used to provide two benefits - lots of fun and a basic understanding of right and wrong. But children caught playing with a toy gun today have been warned they face something far more memorable - a raid by armed police marksmen. Officers have told parents to avoid buying youngsters plastic guns for Christmas in case passers-by mistake them for dangerous weapons. The warning has been issued by Essex Police, where a spokesman said... (

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United States

28 November 2009

Guardian (UK)

In the distance, there is snow on the ridges of the Rocky Mountains, but down here in the plains of Colorado there is only dust and sweat. In a layby just south of Denver, Texas Marshal is standing in the sweltering heat preparing for the showdown. He tips back his black felt bronco hat, pulls out his .45 Colt revolver and gives the barrel a slow, deliberate spin. Five brass bullets sink into the chambers and the gun goes back in its holster, ready to draw, his hand... (

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8 November 2009

Toronto Star (Ontario), Editorial

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's law-and-order Conservatives have no valid reason to kill off Canada's rifle and shotgun registry, beyond pandering to their rural constituencies. So they've resorted to playing up the cost of the so-called "long gun" database and denying its usefulness, trying to cast it in the worst possible light. And sadly, with support from a handful of spineless New Democrats and Liberals, the Harper government nudged forward a private member's bill... (

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United Kingdom

23 September 2009

BBC News

A student found with 200 weapon parts in his East Lothian home has been jailed for almost four years. Ramsay Scott, 21, bought £20,000 worth of gun components on the internet using his mother's credit card. The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the former public schoolboy was interested in extreme violence and had trawled websites linked to massacres. Scott, who was sentenced to three years and nine months in jail, earlier admitted breaches of the Firearms Act.... (

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Trinidad & Tobago

22 September 2009

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday

Fourteen persons were arrested during the early morning hours of Sunday after being found with five firearms, including a high-powered Uzi sub-machine gun, and 137 rounds of assorted ammunition. They are expected to all appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate today to answer charges of illegal possession of arms and ammunition. According to a police report, at about 2.30 am, Western Division Task Force officers raided a house at Morvant Old Extension Road, Morvant... (

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United States

3 September 2009

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts — A judge has denied a former Massachusetts police chief's motion to dismiss some charges he's facing in connection with the death of an 8-year-old boy at a gun show. Edward Fleury, who resigned as Pelham's chief in March, is charged with manslaughter and four counts of furnishing a machine gun to a minor in connection with the death of Christopher Bizilj of Ashford, Conn. Bizilj lost control of an Uzi submachine gun and shot himself... (

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27 August 2009

Courier-Mail (Brisbane) / AAP

Police raids on outlaw motorcycle gangs uncovered an arsenal of weapons, including semi-automatic AK-47s, handguns, silencers, detonators and ammunition. The discovery of the weapons cache, allegedly belonging to the Odins Warriors organisation, comes as the State Government tightens laws to crack down on the gangs, vowing to destroy them by tearing down clubhouses and banning members from socialising if there was evidence of illegal behaviour. The new regulations... (

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27 August 2009

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

Police raids and an undercover operation have netted more than 100 illegal firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition in a crackdown on an alleged Wollongong-based gun trafficking network. Three men — Michael Zarakas of Fairy Meadow, Aristos Dionys of Mangerton and Andrew Kafizas of Wollongong — face a total of 110 firearm trafficking charges between them. The trio appeared before Magistrate Paul Johnson at Wollongong Local Court on Thursday but did not apply... (

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10 August 2009

BBC Worldwide Monitoring, Transcript

SANA'A — In Yemen, weapons are considered the main cause of murder and acts of terrorism. However, the heavy weapons that used to be on offer in markets are no longer available due to the government's tough stand on this matter, which arms dealers in the country have resisted. However, you still can buy what you want from black market traders: Anti-aircraft missiles, cannons, offensive weapons, as well as artillery ammunition boxes. In the regions of the north that... (

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31 July 2009

Associated Press

BERLIN — An 82-year-old man who planned a shooting rampage at a meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses was deterred because his submachine gun jammed, police said Friday. He was overpowered and arrested. The man entered the group's meeting hall in the western city of Bielefeld on Thursday evening, wielding the weapon, police said in a statement. The hall was evacuated and the man quickly left the building, waving the gun as he walked toward his car. He was then overpowered... (

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31 July 2009

The Local (Germany)

An 82-year-old man who entered a meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses armed with a submachine gun, three magazines, a Samurai sword and a knife has been arrested, Bielefeld police reported on Friday. Some 81 members of the church were gathered in their Kingdom Hall on Dunlopstraße in the city's Sennestadt district when a congregation member noticed the masked elderly man enter the vestibule waving the machine gun around 8:45 pm on Thursday. The witness quietly informed the... (

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8 July 2009

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

IPOH — Some of the firearms recovered by police near the North-South Expressway in Bercham have never been used, said Perak police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah. To date, police believe that the cache of weapons and ammunition had not been used in any crime, he said after the monthly assembly at the state police contingent headquarters yesterday. On May 24, workers of a cement factory found two bags in the bushes near the factory, containing six submachine guns,... (

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Russia,United Nations

6 July 2009

Wired (USA)

1947: The AK-47, one of the world's first operational assault rifles and probably the most durable and enduring small-arms weapons ever made, goes into production in the Soviet Union. More than 60 years later, it remains the standard infantry weapon in numerous armies, and a mainstay in the arsenals of rebels, drug traffickers and terrorists worldwide. The AK-47 was the brainchild of self-taught inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov, the son of peasants. He was inspired to... (

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