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Shooting-in-the air, unintentional injury and death


18 March 2014

Hürriyet Daily News (Istanbul)

A 30-year-old man has been killed by a stray bullet during Nevruz celebrations in the southeastern province of Şırnak. Local took to the streets in the city March 17, with many firing celebratory shots into the air using guns, hunting rifles, and Kalashnikovs. Garip Taşkın was hit by a gun shot while he was going home at around 6.30 p.m. He was immediately taken to the hospital but could not be saved. Meanwhile, clashes erupted between a group of protesters and... (

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United Arab Emirates

27 February 2014

Telegraph (UK), Blog

We don't hear about gun crime in the UAE. It's just not something that happens. But that didn't stop me from feeling utterly petrified some time ago when I was woken in the early hours by the sound of gunfire. I was staying at the time in a seafront resort in a rural area of Oman, just across the border from the UAE. As I lay rigid in bed listening to the gunshots getting closer, it struck me that we were staying in a villa right on the beach. I can't tell you the... (

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25 February 2014


In a country where civilian gun ownership was rare for decades, a sudden inundation of small arms means plenty of people will likely get shot. One recent afternoon, Ahmed, 26, was driving around Tripoli with his brother Bashir, 24. Without warning, the driver in the car in front of them slammed his brakes. Ahmed, who nearly rear-ended the offending vehicle, honked his horn. The other driver got out of his car. A shouting match became physical and the man went back to... (

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1 January 2014

Namibian (Windhoek)

Two people were left injured after they were hit by bullets when members of the public fired gunshots into the air to celebrate the New Year in Windhoek on Tuesday night. This comes after City Police Chief, Abraham Kanime, warned Windhoek residents to refrain from firing gunshots into the air to celebrate the New Year. Kanime said in the earlier in the week people should not fire shots into the air as this could lead to unnecessary deaths. Namibian Police Force... (

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Puerto Rico

3 December 2013

Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla on Monday signed two amendments to the island's gun law toughening the penalties for illegal weapons possession and for firing shots into the air, a common cause of accidents especially during the Christmas season. "Whoever fires a weapon into the air, possesses or carries an illegal weapon, will have to serve jail time without the right to probation or to diversion programs," said Garcia Padilla upon signing the... (

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24 November 2013


A Yemeni wedding ended in disaster after a guest firing celebratory shots in the air with his AK-47 accidentally killed two men while they were dancing to pop hit "Gangnam Style", according to a police source and a video posted online. The police source said the guest at the wedding in the southern city of Taiz lost control of his rifle, leading to the deaths. Two other people were being treated in hospital. A video circulating on the web purportedly shows the... (

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Brazil,United States

3 November 2013

Washington Post

When Absalom Jordan hears the crack of gunfire outside his home in Southeast Washington, he reacts in an instant. "You get away from the windows and get down," the 72-year-old said. "I have learned to live with it." Police are listening as well. Rooftop sensors monitor his neighborhood around the clock for the distinctive bang of a gun. The inconspicuous devices have logged hundreds of incidents over the past eight years near his apartment as part of a gunfire... (

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12 September 2013


President Hamid Karzai embraced Afghanistan's victorious football team on Thursday, hours after they united the nation in a rare moment of shared joy, but officials also told jubilant Afghans to stop firing guns into the air in celebration. The national men's team beat India 2-0 to win the South Asian Football Federation championship in Kathmandu late on Tuesday, Afghanistan's first international football title, sending tens of thousands of joyous Afghans into the... (

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27 August 2013

Ekathimerini (Greece)

Thirteen people were being treated at the general hospital of Larissa, central Greece, on Tuesday for gunshot injuries suffered at a wedding on Monday night at the Roma camp of Nea Smyrni. The 13 people, among whom are several children, received a range of minor injuries when one of the wedding guests, a 44-year-old man, tried to fire his hunting rifle into the air when the weapon backfired. The 44-year-old has been arrested, while authorities are also seeking his... (

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26 August 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

Stray bullets from celebrations or disputes continue to kill people across the country, with five children having lost their lives in this manner over the last 30 days. The most recent incident took place in Ağrı on Aug. 24. People were celebrating a henna night by firing guns into the air when stray bullets apparently hit 7-year-old Mehmet Keser and Altın Kalkuç Koç, who were attending a wedding ceremony two blocks away. The two critically wounded were rushed to... (

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24 August 2013

Tout Sur L'Algerie

[Translated summary: A 14-year-old Algerian youth died after he was fatally wounded by bullets at a family event. Unintentional deaths from celebratory shootings are not unusual.] Une fête a tourné au drame dans un village de Tizi Ouzou. En effet, ce vendredi, un enfant de 14 ans a été mortellement atteint par balles d'une arme à feu lors d'une fête de circoncision à Tamaghoucht, dans la commune de Béni Aissi, à 20 km au sud de Tizi Ouzou, a-t-on appris ce... (

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12 August 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

Sixteen-year-old Onur Yılmaz died after being hit by a stray bullet fired by his uncle at his uncle's wedding ceremony in Çorum, Turkish media reported on Monday. The incident took place in Aşdavul village, in Çorum's Ortaköy district, at the wedding of Osman Yılmaz and Oya Çelik. Yılmaz fired celebratory rounds of gunfire and a bullet hit and seriously injured his teenage nephew. Onur Yılmaz was taken to Ortaköy State Hospital and later transferred to Hitit... (

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United States,Puerto Rico

11 August 2013

Washington Post

MIDLOTHIAN, Virginia — When a stray bullet pierced the top of Brendon Mackey's head, the 7-year-old was on his way to a July Fourth fireworks celebration with his dad and other family members. He died the next day in a Richmond hospital, a bullet lodged at the base of his skull, sparking a methodical, door-to-door search for a most elusive killer: celebratory gunfire. Police believe someone fired a shot into the air within a 5,200-foot radius of Brendon. Witnesses... (

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9 May 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

According to a new regulation, people carrying guns will not be allowed as a security measure to enter entertainment venues such as bars, cafés, night clubs and places where wedding ceremonies are held, Interior Minister Muammer Güler announced on Wednesday. Under the regulation, Güler told reporters, people who want to buy guns will receive training on how to use them safely. Moreover, those carrying weapons will be denied entrance to entertainment venues such as... (

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28 April 2013

RIA Novosti (Russia)

MOSCOW – Police have detained at least nine people traveling in a wedding caravan of five cars for allegedly firing celebratory shots in southern Moscow on Sunday, a police spokesman has said. "A wedding cortege of Azerbaijan's nationals has been detained at the entrance to the Tsaritsyno park," the spokesman said adding that the passengers and the drivers have been taken to a police department to "give explanations over the shooting." Police have halted a caravan... (

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12 February 2013

Atlantic (USA)

SANA'A, Yemen - With shops lining the main road and hard bargaining merchants abounding, Jihana appears to be your average Yemeni market. But instead of shopping for food or clothes, customers peruse a vast assortment of glocks, pistols, AK47s, M16s, anti-aircraft artillery, bazookas, and nearly any other weapon short of an actual tank. "In Yemen, no matter if you're rich or poor, you must have guns. Even if it's just one piece," insists Abdul Wahab al-Ammari, a tribal... (

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17 January 2013

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Prague), Blog

Iraq's soccer team sparked widespread jubilation across the country on January 15 when Ahmad Khalil's last-gasp goal gave them victory over Bahrain in the semifinals of the Gulf Cup. Now only the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) stands between "The Lions of Mesopotamia" and their first major international trophy since they surprised the world by winning the Asian Cup in 2007. In a proud soccer country that has long been starved of success, it's no surprise that many... (

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4 January 2013

Bangkok Post / AFP

The death of a girl hit by celebratory gunfire on New Year's Eve sparked calls Thursday for stricter gun controls in the Philippines, where unlicensed weapons are widely blamed for rampant violence. The girl, Stephanie Ella, aged seven, died Wednesday from a gunshot wound to the head, triggering outrage and condemnation of poor law enforcement that allows hundreds of thousands of unregistered firearms to be on the streets. "This incident should not be allowed to... (

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Saudi Arabia

31 October 2012

Yahoo News (UK and Ireland) / Reuters

RIYADH - Celebratory gunfire at a wedding party in eastern Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night brought down an electric cable, killing 23 people, a local civil defence official said. "At the wedding, the cable fell on a metal door and the 23 people who died were all electrocuted," Eastern Province official Abdullah Khashman said by phone. A photograph of the aftermath of the accident, published on local newspapers' websites showed a large courtyard strewn with fallen chairs... (

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28 October 2012

Daily Beast (Russia)

A caravan of cars with tinted windows and streaming ribbons stretches along the highway. Drum music accompanies the proud procession; gun-shot salutes ring out, calling neighbors to join the happy event. Guests gather outside in the courtyards of apartment buildings to clap, fire off more guns, and cheer. Couples perform the Lezginka, the traditional dance of the region. This is a typical scene for a wedding in the North Caucasus, and for many years, one rarely seen... (

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1 October 2012

Daily Reporter (Indiana)

MOSCOW — It was an unusual wedding escort even for Moscow's brash style: A red Ferrari led a motorcade in which guests fired celebratory shots from car windows as they sped down one of the city's main avenues near Red Square. Sunday's parade drew an angry reaction from the Kremlin-controlled parliament, where senior lawmakers voiced outrage Monday after wedding guests from the province of Dagestan in Russia's North Caucasus walked away with $3 fines. Just one man was... (

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Oman,Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Kuwait

22 August 2012

National (Abu Dhabi)

KUWAIT CITY - A Kuwaiti groom was killed on his wedding day after his friend accidentally shot him. The friend, who surrendered to police, shot Abdullah Al Khaldi, 24, inside a car that was taking the wedding party to the marriage celebration. Mr Khaldi, who worked for the ministry of defence, died before reaching hospital. The incident, in Al Jahra neighbourhood of Kuwait City, has reignited a debate about civilian possession of firearms, which is legal in... (

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United States

19 July 2012

BBC News

[Translated summary: Doctor Garen Wintemute, emergency physician and expert on the Prevention of Violence at University of California, Davis, began an investigation throughout the United States to determine the effect of stray bullets in the population.] Oakland, California. Enero 10, 2008. Christopher Rodríguez, un niño de 10 años, tomaba una lección de piano cuando se produjo el robo de una gasolinera en el vecindario. Hubo disparos. Una de las balas atravesó la... (

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19 July 2012

Hindustan Times (Lucknow)

LUCKNOW - The death of Mehtab, a 10-year-old boy, in celebratory firing at Bareilly on Tuesday indicates the state government's efforts have not succeeded in checking the unwelcome practice. In the last seven months, 41 people have been killed in such incidents in various districts. After two deaths in Faizabad in May, the state government had directed the district administration officials to cancel the licence, as well as initiate legal action against those who used... (

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United States

9 July 2012

Youth Today (USA)

More than 300 people in the United States were struck by stray bullets between March 2008 and February 2009, often from shootings unconnected to the victims, according to a new study by researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of California, Davis. Published in The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, the study calculated the frequency of stray-bullet shootings during an 11-month period – a phenomenon, according to researchers, that resulted in... (

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25 April 2012

Indian Express

After several incidents of celebratory firings during victory processions of SP leaders and weddings, DGP AC Sharma has issued a circular to book gun licence holders involved in such incidents. The circular also said their licences will be cancelled within a month of the occurrence of such incidents. The DGP has said that local police station officers will be accountable for such incidents taking place in their areas. The district police chiefs will ensure penal action... (

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27 March 2012

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Despite police efforts to stamp out the use of firearms in the Arab sector, gun crime rose by 7 percent in the first three months of 2012 in comparison to the same period last year, police said Monday. In 2011, in 557 cases a firearm was used during the commission of a crime, with 579 arrests made for firearms offenses, police said. The police and the Public Security Ministry have been the subject of continued criticism from the Arab sector due to the mayhem caused by... (

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20 February 2012

Los Angeles Times

CHANDIGARH, India — Vikramjit Singh stands in the parking lot of a posh club in Chandigarh discussing one of his favorite subjects: guns. He owns 10 or so; he can't remember exactly. They may come in handy if the old family feud resurfaces. In a Hatfield-versus-McCoy saga that haunts the 25-year-old student, his grandfather was shot to death here in the western state of Punjab and his father imprisoned for a retaliatory murder. Although the two clans signed a truce a... (

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28 December 2011

Daily Mail (UK)

In many parts of the world, the traditional celebration of happy events is to fire gunshots into the air - a kind of makeshift personal firework, if you will. The Philipines is no different, so to keep discipline over New Year's Eve in the country this year, officers in the Filipino police have taped their subordinates' firearms shut. These pictures show policemen on parade for a 'sealing of firearms' ceremony at their headquarters in Camp Crame, suburban Quezon city,... (

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21 November 2011

Tripoli Post (Libya)

The Saturday forecast warned of a rainy November afternoon - a crowd gathered nonetheless at the Tashkil Libya Al-Hurra Brigade in Keesh for one of Benghazi's first ever formal graffiti contests organised by French NGO Handicap International to raise awareness of the dangers posed by small arms and light weapons. However, for many of the young contestants it was as much an opportunity for personal expression, as it was about tackling one of Libya's most pressing... (

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Dominican Republic

9 November 2011

BBC News

Dominican Republic baseball star Alfredo Simon has been cleared of charges over a fatal shooting in the country on 1 January. Simon, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, was accused of shooting dead one man and injuring another during New Year celebrations. Defence lawyers said the prosecution had failed to prove he fired the shots. The baseball player was held for two months earlier this year as the main suspect before being released on bail. Simon was accused of... (

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9 September 2011

Christian Science Monitor

TRIPOLI, Libya - As rebel forces moved on Libya's capital three weeks ago, the people of Tripoli prepared for the worst. They expected that Muammar Qaddafi would somehow "burn" the capital as he fell and state TV said the rebels would slaughter them. Those apocalyptic fears have so far failed to materialize. Instead, three weeks after Mr. Qaddafi went into hiding, the celebrations continue. Now, the top cause of casualties in Tripoli is the number of bullets fired... (

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30 August 2011

Toronto Star (Ontario)

ZUWARA, Libya — If not for guns, there would be a lot of idle hands in Libya. Out front of what used to be a high school, Fethi Karshman, 49, whose brother Samir lives in St. Catharines, Ont., is wiping down parts of a Russian anti-aircraft gun. When he is done, Karshman, an engineer who studied Russian in university, will re-assemble the weapon, which sits on a flatbed truck. "We take it from Gadhafi (forces) yesterday," he says. Asked if he knows guns, Karshman... (

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Macedonia,Puerto Rico,United States,Libya

24 August 2011

Guardian (UK)

Without doubt, war correspondents are wise to wear helmets and flak jackets while sending dispatches from shell-pounded streets crackling with gunfire. But when Sky News reporter Alex Crawford rode into Tripoli this week on a rebel pickup truck, she was more worried about celebratory gunfire – because of the danger posed by bullets landing on her head. While some early studies conjectured that bullets shot upwards simply vanished into space, the threat from falling... (

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Serbia,Macedonia,Kuwait,Iraq,Philippines,Jordan,Turkey,United States,Libya

22 August 2011

BBC News

Libyan rebels have celebrated their advance into Tripoli by firing guns in the air. How hazardous is this? It is, unarguably, an emphatic way to display one's jubilation. Shooting an automatic weapon into the sky to signal an occasion one welcomes is a popular practice in much of the world, as the footage of Libyan anti-Gaddafi forces seizing the main square of the capital city has demonstrated. But it is a potentially fatal activity, which regularly results in the... (

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United States

11 February 2011

Miami Herald

For shooting his pistol into a discarded couch on New Year's Eve, killing an 11-year-old boy hiding behind the furniture, Zenon Fernandez must serve 10 years in prison, a Miami-Dade judge ruled Friday. "There are no winners in this case," said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Yvonne Colodny. A jury in October convicted Fernandez of manslaughter with a deadly weapon in the slaying of Joshua Arroliga, who was killed while playing a game of hide-and-seek on Dec. 31, 2007 outside... (

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27 January 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit strongly warned members of the armed forces against celebratory gun-fire on the day of the announcement of the final referendum results, due on 14 February. Kiir, also Sudan's first vice-president, urged these forces to protect peoples' lives and properties, just like they did during the one-week long referendum polling period, widely regarded as peaceful. "Your excitement should not cause misery to yourselves and others. I... (

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9 January 2011

Al Rai / Ghazi Mirrors

AMMAN - A Criminal Court on Sunday in its first ruling of its kind developed accused the oldest on the shots fired at a wedding I'm his sister, resulting in injury to an audience imprisonment with hard labor five years after the criminalization of a felony attempted murder of intent and in accordance with the provisions of Article 326 and 70 of the Penal Code and the terms of Article 67 of the law. [Google translation] Translated summary from IANSA Update, 13 Jan... (

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4 January 2011

El Tiempo (Bogotá)

Translated summary: 1000 people have been killed by stray bullets in the last 10 years in Colombia, according to CERAC, a Bogota-based NGO. Most of the stray bullets are fired during gun fights, but celebratory gun fire is also common during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Between December 2010 and January 2011, 70 adults and children were killed by stray bullets and over a hundred were injured in Colombia's biggest cities. Murió niño herido en Año Nuevo.... (

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4 January 2011

Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo yesterday cited the limited time in the implementation of the campaign against indiscriminate firing and the establishment of special firecracker zones for the 30 victims of stray bullets during the last holiday season. Robredo said the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) would start as early as this month to prepare safety measures for the next Yuletide... (

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United States

3 January 2011

Morning Journal (Ohio)

LORAIN — A Lorain man told police he had "made a poor decision by firing his gun on New Year's" and was arrested on several weapons charges, according to a Lorain police report. Michael White, 27, was held at gunpoint by police after he was the only one seen on Apple Avenue after the officer heard shots fired in the area. White reached for his waistband several times, prompting the officer to bring out his gun, according to the report. Officers found a .22-caliber... (

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United States

2 January 2011

WALB-TV News (Georgia)

ALBANY, Georgia - An Albany police officer is suspended with pay after he was arrested on New Years Day for recklessly firing the department's gun while celebrating the start of 2011. Officer Grady Rachel Jr. spent several hours behind bars in Lee County for firing his Albany Police Department issued weapons. The celebration took place at 114 Elejay Court off of Lover's Lane road in the Wisteria Estates Subdivision. "Witnesses stated they were ducking down in their... (

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United States

31 December 2010

Chicago Sun-Times

New Year's Eve revelers who plan to shoot off guns, beware: You not only can be arrested, you can face mandatory jail time. A new law mandates one to three years in prison for anyone without a valid Firearm Operators Identification Card (FOID card) who unlawfully uses a loaded and uncased firearm. Besides facing a mandatory prison term, people who accidentally shoot an innocent bystander face even harsher punishment and cause unfathomable pain and loss to the victim... (

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29 December 2010

GMA TV News (Manila)

With just a few days to go before New Year's Day, Metro Manila police reminded security guards not to fire their service firearms to welcome the new year. Radio dzBB's Nimfa Ravelo reported on Wednesday that Metro Manila police chief Director Nicanor Bartolome warned that security agencies would suffer harsh penalties if their personnel welcome the new year with gunshots. Bartolome said that reports reaching him indicated that security guards accounted for many cases... (

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United States

27 December 2010

Daily Breeze (Los Angeles)

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles police and county sheriff's deputies warned the public Monday to resist ringing in the New Year with celebratory gunfire, which can have dangerous consequences. Shooting into the air can be deadly, and officials with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said those caught face possible felony charges. "ATF wants you to know that you can enjoy the festivities without placing the public in danger," said John A. Torres, special... (

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25 December 2010

Manila Bulletin

ILOILO CITY, Philippines – The Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO), down to its local stations, will be plastering adhesive tape on their gun barrels Sunday, according to ICPO Director, S/Supt. Marietto Valerio. Valerio said that he will be meeting with his subordinates to also discuss other measures in line with the holiday celebrations. The taping of ICPO personnel's gun barrels is considered by the ICPO in line with the "guidance of Police Regional Office 6 (PRO 6)... (

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United States

7 December 2010

Fergus Falls Daily Journal (Minnesota)

A Maple Grove man who was arrested in July for firing a shot during a crowded street dance in Deer Creek is headed to prison in St. Cloud for five years. Anthony Edward Mitchell, 34, was convicted last week on one count of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of possessing a pistol after a previous conviction for a violent crime. He was originally charged with those counts plus five more second degree assault charges, the combined maximum... (

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United States

7 December 2010

Associated Press

A St. Paul man has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for firing his gun into a Fourth of July crowd, hitting and wounding a 14-year-old boy. Fifty-one-year-old Cary Francis Schmidt was convicted Oct. 15 of first- and second-degree assault. Schmidt declined to speak when Judge Teresa Warner gave him a chance Tuesday. The family of the victim, Gunnar Footh, urged the judge to impose the maximum sentence, which would have been more than 8-and-a-half years.... (

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United States

9 November 2010

Richmond Confidential (California)

From mid-September to mid-October there were 182 separate instances of gunfire in Richmond; that averages out to about six a day. Not all of these shootings — tracked by the department's ShotSpotter gunshot detection system — were motivated by violence, said Captain Mark Gagan, head of Richmond's central police district. Many incidents were apparently celebratory, like people firing off guns at parties or after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Still,... (

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15 October 2010

Times of India

JAMSHEDPUR - The first-time minister, Gopal Krishna Patar alias Raja Peter, disapproves "gun culture". This he made clear on Thursday. During his maiden visit to the city on Wednesday, after becoming a minister in the Arjun Munda-led government, Peter's overenthusiastic supporters had fired shots in the air to accord him a rousing welcome. But their "daring" act boomeranged as Peter made public his displeasure to it. "I don't like display of guns and firing shots in... (

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25 August 2010


A Polish man living in Germany went about his business for about five years without realising he had been shot in the head because he was drunk when it happened. Police in the western city of Bochum said on Tuesday that doctors found a .22 calibre bullet in the back of his head after the man went to have what he thought was a cyst removed. Presented with the 5.6mm projectile, the 35-year-old recalled he had received a blow to the head about midnight at a New Year's... (

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9 August 2010

Agence France Presse

A Turkish groom accidentally killed his father and two aunts at his wedding when he fired into the air with an assault rifle in celebration. Eight other people were wounded in the incident at the village of Akcagoze in the south-eastern province of Gaziantep on Sunday, the Anatolia news agency said. The groom unleashed a volley of rapid aerial shots with an AK-47 rifle to celebrate his nuptials, but lost control of the weapon and accidentally raked the guests with... (

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United States

21 January 2010

Miami Herald

The 6-year-old Italian boy struck by a stray bullet during last week's New Year's Eve celebration was in "good spirits" at a Miami hospital on Monday, while police continued their investigation into a shooting that made headlines overseas in Europe. Andrea Fregoneses, whose family was visiting Miami as tourists from Italy, was expected to recover from a bullet wound to the stomach. Meanwhile, fears waned among tourism executives that the bizarre incident would damage... (

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United States

13 January 2010

Baltimore Sun

Here's the tally from the Baltimore police commissioner's war on bad guys with guns during the opening minute of 2010: -A blue .38-caliber Smith & Wesson with four rounds in the chamber. -A 9 mm PA-63 semiautomatic handgun. -A .38-caliber Rossi revolver. -A Mossburg 12-gauge shotgun. -A chrome two-shot, .38-caliber Derringer pistol. Five guns, four suspects, two houses. These guns and arrests were made at rowhouses in East and Northwest Baltimore by police... (

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United States

5 January 2010

Sydney Morning Herald

A four-year-old boy has been killed by a falling bullet that was fired into the air during New Year's Eve celebrations in the US. Marquel Peters was playing a video game inside a church in the state of Georgia when the bullet pierced the roof and hit him in the head, local media reported. He collapsed on the floor alongside his parents, bleeding, and was taken to hospital where he died. "I saw his Nintendo game fall on the floor, and I heard a sound and I heard him... (

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United States

1 January 2010

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

Four-year-old Marquel Peters loved church. So much so, that he cried recently when he thought he would miss it because a relative was running late. For the New Year's Eve service, Marquel brought along a video game to play during an intermission. The next time Marquel returns to his family's church, it will be for his funeral. Thursday night, Marquel and about a dozen family members attended a service at the Church of God of Prophecy near Decatur. Marquel was seated... (

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United States

31 December 2009

Arizona Republic

Otis Smith says that anyone contemplating "celebratory shooting" on New Year's Eve should understand that bullets fired into the sky come down again, sometimes with tragic results. Police say anyone who hasn't gotten that message should expect to be arrested. For Smith, it's personal. About 10 years ago, on June 14, 1999, his 14-year-old daughter, Shannon, was killed by a bullet plunging from the sky. She was standing in her family's central Phoenix backyard, speaking... (

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18 August 2009

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

SULAIMANIYAH and ERBIL — Weapons loudly welcomed the outcome of Iraqi Kurdistan's latest political contest, and may even discreetly have helped determine it. In the run-up to last month's election, politicians gifted guns to prominent supporters. When the results were announced, celebratory gunfire streaked the night skies. Opposition leaders said the weapons had been dished out to buy votes. Their rivals denied this, arguing that they were honouring Kurdish... (

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United States

2 January 2009

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police say they arrested 13 people for firing their guns into the air at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Police said Friday that officers also seized 23 guns as part of an ongoing campaign with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department to stop celebratory gunfire. Over the New Year's holiday last year, police confiscated 45 guns and arrested five people who fired their guns into the... (

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United States

2 January 2009

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Police were patrolling the West Side as New Year's Eve turned into 2009 when officers say they spotted a 23-year-old woman standing in front of her Austin home, firing a handgun into the midnight air. Deonnaca Gipson, of the 5000 block of West Superior, was among 30 people arrested across the city as the new year rang in. Her .40-caliber semiautomatic Glock was one of 75 seized in Chicago overnight as officers in the city and suburbs cracked down on so-called... (

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2 January 2009

Philippine Star

Rains did not dampen the traditionally boisterous New Year's Eve celebration, with two people killed and 346 injured during the revelry. The Department of Health (DOH) said the number of firecracker-related injuries and people hit by stray bullets was "significantly" reduced to 346 cases with no casualties on record. Police, however, reported two casualties during the New Year revelry in Navotas and Valenzuela City. Police said Renato Petilona of Road 10, Barangay... (

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2 January 2009

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

A 6-year-old girl who was struck in the head by a stray bullet while watching fireworks about 1:30 yesterday morning is in stable condition at Guam Memorial Hospital, said Guam Police Department Sgt. Richard Cress. Emily Mae Caalim, daughter of Mamerto Caalim and Elmie Caalim, is scheduled for surgery to remove the bullet today. Cress said he suspected the bullet was fired upward as part of a New Year's Eve celebration and police will try to match unique grooves on the... (

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United States

2 January 2009

Chicago Tribune

Chicago police arrested 32 people for firing guns during the New Year's celebration and seized 75 weapons, including two AK-47s and an assault pistol with a silencer. The department's Mobile Strike Force enforced a zero-tolerance policy for celebratory gunfire New Year's Day, according to a department news release. The strike force arrested 13 people on the West Side and confiscated eight guns, including one assault rifle and an AK-47, police said. In one instance,... (

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United States

1 January 2009

WKRG-TV News (Alabama) / AP

MOBILE, Alabama — Celebratory gunfire from New Year's Eve injured a 7-year-old girl in Mobile. Police said the girl was taken to the USA Children's and Women's Hospital after being hit in the leg by a stay bullet around 2:30 a.m. on Fairmont Street. Police spokeswoman Jacqueline Bridgeforth said Thursday the girl's injuries were minor. The girl's name was not made public. Mobile police said they received 119 calls about shots being fired Wednesday night and early... (

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United States

31 December 2008

Arizona Republic

West Valley police are reminding residents not to fire guns in celebration of New Year's. Firing weapons into the air is illegal and dangerous, they say, because when the bullets come back down, they are traveling fast enough to kill someone. Police want community members to remember: - A bullet fired into the air can climb up to two miles. When it falls back down, it can reach a speed of 300 to 700 feet per second. - Shooting a gun into the air is a felony. The... (

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United States

31 December 2008

NBC6-TV News (Florida)

MIAMI — Miami officials held a news conference asking residents to put an end to firing weapons. People have died from stray bullets and officials want to make sure it doesn't begin in 2009, NBC 6's Ian Wood reported. Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson held a rally, called "No More Stray Bullets" on the south side of N.W. 61 Street and N.W. 12 Avenue on Wednesday, urging residents not to shoot guns into the air when celebrating New Year's Eve. Reverend Jerome Starling... (

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United States

30 December 2008

Los Angeles Police Department, Blog

As New Year's Eve approaches, the Los Angeles Police Department along with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department is launching its Citywide Gunfire Reduction Campaign. This campaign is designed to help reduce incidents of indiscriminate gunfire that have become a deadly New Year's tradition in our city. The Gunfire Reduction Campaign aims to advise the community that ringing in the New Year with gunfire will not be tolerated in the City of Los Angeles. Anyone... (

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27 December 2008

GMA News TV (Manila)

MANILA, Philippines — A week to go before the New Year, at least two cases of stray-bullet injuries have been confirmed, health secretary Francisco Duque III said Saturday. Duque admitted being alarmed over the incident, adding it eclipsed the 58-percent drop in firecracker-related injuries so far this year. "Ito nakakaaalarma. May naulat na dalawang confirmed cases ng stray bullet injuries. Ibig sabihin, may nagpapaputok sa taas (This is alarming. We already... (

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27 December 2008

GMA News TV (Manila)

MANILA, Philippines — With two cases of stray bullet victims recorded by the Department of Health one week before the New Year, the Eastern Police District and Bulacan Police have both opted to seal their men's guns. A report from QTV's Balitanghali said that the sealing of firearms is part of the Philippine National Police's (PNP) annual campaign Oplan Iwas Paputok. Reporter Rida Reyes said that the PNP leadership was hoping that their personnel would influence... (

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16 October 2008

Stars and Stripes (US Military)

BAGHDAD — In the past, the soldiers with 1st Battalion, 68th Infantry would have had no problem finding an AK-47 assault rifle in Omar Abdul Satar's home. Iraqis have a long history of owning guns, and few homes in the country are without one. But the government is trying to change that. It recently decided to prohibit guns in the capital. That was bad news for Satar. When the U.S. soldiers and their Iraqi counterparts found his AK, they confiscated it and took it... (

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27 July 2008

Daily Times (Lahore)

KARACHI — An elderly man was shot dead over his political affiliations on Saturday, while two others were killed in separate incidents. According to details, 60-year-old Ashfaq, a resident of Bhittai Colony, Korangi Crossing, was shot six times at Juna Market, within the jurisdiction of Risala Police Station. According to Enquiry officer Nawaz, two men on a motorcycle shot Ashfaq using 30-Boor pistols. The deceased used to run a hotel near his residence and was a... (

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17 July 2008

National (Abu Dhabi)

AMMAN — Bayan Tayeb turns two this month, but unlike most toddlers her age, she cannot walk, talk or see thanks to a stray bullet that struck her right eye and damaged her brain last year. She was the victim of a celebration, not a war. Bayan was sitting on her mother's lap in the front garden of their home in a suburb of the capital of Amman, when revellers at a wedding fired a gun in celebration. "I thought she was hit by a stone at first, and I was shocked when... (

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13 July 2008

News (Karachi)

KARACHI — Two people were killed by stray bullets in separate incidents reported on Saturday in the Gizri and Baghdadi police limits. On Friday night, 35-year-old Mohammed Ashraf was passing through a lane near his house. A wedding ceremony was underway in the lane in the Gizri police limits. A stray bullet shot in the air hit Ashraf, and proved fatal. The police said that the deceased had been working as a cook for the past 15 years in Babar House (situated at... (

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27 June 2008

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

ANKARA — A member of Parliament's Human Rights Commission has recommended that a parliamentary commission should be set up to address the problem of deaths and injuries caused by stray bullets fired into the air in celebration, a common problem in much of Turkey. Speaking to Today's Zaman, Democratic Society Party (DTP) Diyarbakir deputy Akin Birdal stressed that a cultural and social transformation was needed to prevent deaths from stray bullets. "Our commission... (

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11 May 2008

Today's Zaman (Istanbul), Column

I have always been awed by the inability of people around me to celebrate joyful events. Weddings and soccer games that end victoriously are celebrated with guns held aloft, fired incessantly into the air. Someone who is not familiar with the local culture may feel they have fallen into an ambush, just as the foreign guests did at the wedding ceremony of one of my younger family members last year. They gathered around me in bewilderment asking why. I had such a hard... (

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4 April 2008

Agence France Presse

The frequent celebratory gunfire in this heavily armed city is killing Beirut, literally, as one man's burst of joy turns into another's mourning. The parents of 14-year-old Ahmed Ali al-Sahili know this all too well — they lost their son when a bullet pierced his skull as he played outside their home in the capital's suburbs. And Sonia Saade, 49, thought her ulcer was acting up when a pain so sudden and sharp knocked her off her feet as she walked to a pharmacy.... (

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United Arab Emirates

10 February 2008

Gulf News (Dubai)

RAS AL KHAIMAH — A wedding celebration here turned to tragedy when one revellers was killed by a stray bullet. Mohammad Ahmad Samt, a 45-year-old Emirati, was fatally hit on Saturday while revellers were firing shots in the air at a wedding in the Shamal area. His friends said Samt cupped his chest during celebrations, fell to the ground and died. Lieutenant Colonel Salem Saeed Al Alkim, head of Al Ma'amourah Police Station, said the victim was also firing in the... (

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28 January 2008

Indian Express

GURGAON — A 19-year-old boy lost his life when a stray bullet fired in the air at a marriage party hit him. The incident took place in Gurgaon on Saturday night. Gaurav Sharma, the deceased, was the bride's cousin and lived in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi. According to the police, the shot was fired by a youth, Rishi Yadav, who was accompanying the groom. Rishi, a resident of Gurgaon, is said to be at large. Gaurav's father, Ashok Sharma, has registered a case at... (

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28 January 2008

Samuel Duodu's Stories (Ghana), Blog

The funeral and burial service for a police officer at Asueyi, a farming community near Techiman in the Brong-Ahafo Region, on Saturday turned fatal when one of the shots fired by some of his colleagues to show solidarity killed two mourners. The bullet, allegedly fired by Constable Andrew Yankey of the Police Dragon Unit, who police sources say was not part of the official police delegation to the funeral, hit Opanin Kwaku Addai in the abdomen, killing the 70-... (

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9 January 2008

Associated Press

PODGORICA, Montenegro — A stray bullet struck a passenger jet while it was landing in Montenegro, slightly damaging the aircraft, the state airline said Wednesday. No one was hurt as the bullet, apparently fired into the air during a traditional Orthodox Christmas Eve celebration, hit the tail stabilizer on the Montenegro Airlines Fokker 100, company spokesman Nenad Markovic said. Police were investigating who fired the shot. The jet carrying 32 passengers and five... (

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5 January 2008

Times (UK)

BEIRUT — Wearing tatty green Israeli army webbing over his black leather jacket, Walid shoulders an M16 rifle and squints down the barrel. "How much is this one?" he asks. "It's worth $1,200," replies Abu Rida, a tough, barrel-chested arms dealer. Arrayed on a bed in Abu Rida's home in southern Beirut were more weapons for sale — an automatic pistol, two AK47 rifles and a Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, altogether worth about $3,000 (£1,500), more than double the price... (

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United States

3 January 2008

Associated Press

With blood streaming down his face, the parents of a little Tucson boy didn't know what hit him early New Year's day. The mother and father of Rafael Moreno-Razo, 5, later learned the boy was struck by a stray bullet that ripped through their apartment. Rafael's father Humberto Moreno, 42, called 911 and Rafael went to the hospital, where he was treated and released that morning. The little boy escaped with a grazed scalp, but the incident may leave his family... (

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3 January 2008

United Press International

Wild West-style gun play during New Year's celebrations is symptomatic of a growing gun culture in Italy, authorities said. Gunshots rang in the new year in several cities, the Italian news agency ANSA reported Wednesday. A 30-year-old father in Naples was killed when a stray bullet went through a window and struck him in the chest as he played cards with his family. A 10-year-old Naples boy clung to life after a bullet ricocheted and lodged in his brain, while a... (

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United States

2 January 2008

Mobile Press Register (Alabama)

A woman inside a Prichard church was shot in the side of her face shortly after midnight on Tuesday, police said, apparently as a result of New Year's gunfire. The woman, whom police did not name, was hit by a bullet that entered through the sanctuary roof at the Showers of Blessings Church of God in Christ, according to Prichard police Maj. Marvin Whitfield. She was taken to the University of South Alabama Medical Center, said Whitfield, who added that surgery may be... (

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Trinidad & Tobago

2 January 2008

Newsday (Port of Spain)

A 12-year-old boy had his New Year's eve celebration cut short, almost permanently, after he was hit by a stray bullet which still remains lodged in the right side of his chest. Aaron Ford was ringing in the New Year by lighting fire crackers a short distance from his Faustin Trace, Maraval home on Old Year's Night, when the incident occurred. With firecrackers going off noisily all around him, Ford could not say where the shot came from. Alma Samuel-Ford, the boy's... (

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1 January 2008

International Herald Tribune / AP

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — One man was killed and five people were wounded by gunfire at a New Year's bash that drew some 2 million people to Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach, the government's official news agency said Tuesday. A 29-year-old man died of a gunshot wound in the stomach, and a 63-year-old woman shot in the back and a 24-year-old man shot in the head were hospitalized in critical condition, the official Agencia Brasil news service reported. Three other... (

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United States

31 December 2007

Examiner (Missouri)

Here's an issue that you might not think is important to the Blue Springs Police Department: celebratory gunfire. Certainly there is a concern for the typical New Year's Eve issues, including driving while intoxicated. That in itself puts officers on alert, and Sgt. Bob Harman said police will keep the obligatory eye out for such offenders. But those residents who step outside of their home into the cold night air, brandishing and firing a firearm to salute the... (

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28 December 2007

Pacific News Center (Guam)

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) disclosed that one infant died and 87 people were hospitalized due to injuries caused by firecrackers and stray bullets. Philippine Health Secretary Francisco Duque III disclosed that the indiscriminate firing of guns has already claimed the life of an infant who was hit by a stray bullet. As of December 27, the DOH also said it has monitored 87 cases of firecracker-related injuries that required intensive... (

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26 December 2007

Daily Times (Lahore)

LAHORE — The prices of small weapons and ammunition have increased since November, weapon dealers have told Daily Times. Some dealers said the weapons' prices had increased because of an increase in their use at wedding ceremonies. The other dealers said an increased risk in keeping the weapons and a fear of the cancellation of selling permits had pushed up the prices after the government had imposed a ban on carrying the weapons. The Punjab government, on the... (

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23 December 2007

Sky News (UK)

An RAF officer had a lucky escape despite being hit by a stray bullet during celebratory gunfire by a group of Iraqis. Flight Lieutenant Neil Lawrenson was wearing body armour — but the round went into his upper arm. However, it entered at such an angle that it left almost no damage and did not hit any bone or muscle. If the bullet, which fell from the sky in Basra, had gone in at a different angle, the British airman could have lost his arm. He was even more... (

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17 December 2007

Namibian (Windhoek)

WINDHOEK — Nine people were wounded when revellers fired shots during a wedding reception at Ombundamuti village in the Omusati Region on Saturday afternoon. The Police arrested three young men but found that only one of them could be charged, said Sergeant Linekela Shikongo. He said it was difficult to figure out who shot whom, because there were many people at the wedding, "dancing, singing and celebrating". "The suspect is now with the Police at Outapi, and it... (

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Iraq,West Asia,United States,United Nations

31 July 2007

Star Phoenix (Saskatchewan), Column

Why is it that anytime there is a celebration in the Middle East, the first thing people do is reach for a gun and start firing in the air? Watching the recent victory celebrations following Iraq's big soccer triumph, I found it hard to focus on what winning the Asian Cup means for the future of the country. All I could think of is where those bullets might be landing. Reports out of Baghdad suggest at least four people were killed and 17 wounded by celebratory... (

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29 July 2007

Associated Press

BAGHDAD — Defying orders from authorities, revelers fired celebratory gunshots and poured into the streets after Iraq beat Saudi Arabia to clinch its first Asian Cup soccer championship today. Mosques broadcast calls for the shooting to stop, and security forces enforced a vehicle ban in an effort to prevent a repeat of car bombings that killed dozens celebrating Iraq's progress to the finals Wednesday. Iraqis welcomed the victory as a chance to show the world they... (

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United States

20 June 2007

Arizona Republic

If you're tempted to fire a gun into the air this Fourth of July, you'll pay for it. That's the message from Mayor Phil Gordon, who joined law enforcement and other leaders Wednesday to urge residents against firing guns. "What goes up, comes down and kills individuals like 14-year-old Shannon Smith," said Gordon. "Random gunfire is a crime, a felony. Police will be out." On June 14, 1999 a bullet fell from the sky and killed Otis and Lory Smith's daughter Shannon,... (

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United States

5 January 2007

Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — A woman watching New Year's Eve fireworks from a picnic table found out that her bra can do more than lift and support: It also slowed a falling bullet. The .45-caliber bullet struck Debbie Bingham, 46, after someone fired a gun into the air about 20 minutes before midnight. She still needed stitches, but the wound might have been much worse except for the bra strap, police spokesman George Kajtsa said. Bingham, who was in town from... (

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6 September 2006

Dnevnik (Macedonia), Transcript

'My daughter was killed by shrapnel from a stray bullet, she did not fall from a merry-go-round.' said the sad father, a Kumanovo policeman Adnan Iljazi (36), who lost his 10 years old daughter Herolinda tragically, on July 27. He wants to put an end to all presumptions and speculations that his daughter died from a stab by a buckle or that she fell from a merry-go-round, and he claims that she died from a stray bullet. He also said that the night when she died... (

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30 August 2006

ADN Kronos International / AKI

ISTANBUL — Seventeen-year-old Ahmet Sahin died after being hit by stray bullets fired in celebration at his sister's engagement ceremony in the western Turkish village of Agri. On the same day, 27 August, Turkey's state-owned gun manufacturer, MKE launched a campaign to sell off its pistol stocks — offering discounts and installment payment schemes to buyers of any of its 42 firearm models. Gun-control activists say MKE's campaign flies in the face of the grim... (

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27 July 2006

Hurriyet (Turkey)

Following the highly publicized deaths this week of two young women in Turkey, both victims of bullets shot from guns fired into the air at celebrations, the head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ali Bardakoglu, has issued a strong statement to Muslims on the implications of the use of gunfire at celebrations. Said Bardakoglu, "No matter what reason it is done, whether it is at a wedding, a picnic, or after a football match, what is trying to be proved by... (

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27 January 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / South East European Times

The start of the New Year is traditionally a time when people make resolutions. This year, one of the resolutions Macedonians were asked to make was to refrain from celebrating with gunfire. "Bullets Are Not Greeting Cards — Celebrate Without Weapons" was the slogan of a five-week campaign launched by the interior ministry in December, in co-operation with the UNDP's Southeastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC).... (

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12 January 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / Blic Daily

In the night of the Orthodox New Year of 2003, Boris Bankovic (37) was killed by a bullet that came through the closed window and lowered blinds while he was sitting in his home armchair. Zorica Simic from New Belgrade since her earliest age counts the last seconds of the old year in her bathroom. Her first memories of the craziest night are not nice at all, as from her early childhood she recalls the broken window pane burst into a thousand pieces, the bullet stick... (

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