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Indian Women Take Up Guns to Fight Abuse

7 May 2000

Telegraph (UK)

JOHRI, Uttar Pradesh — A Group of women from a small village west of Delhi, tired of lives of oppression and abuse, are defying generations of convention by taking up guns. Prompted by an incident when a local woman was stripped naked and paraded through the village by policemen, about a dozen young girls and their grandmothers from Johri village, in western Uttar Pradesh state, have taken up rifle and pistol shooting to protect themselves. The women, who all come... (

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Briton Convicted in India Arms Case

31 January 2000

BBC News

A British arms trader and the five-member crew of a Latvian aircraft have been convicted by a Calcutta court of charges connected with a mysterious arms drop in eastern India in 1995. But they have been acquitted of the most serious charge they faced, that carries the death penalty. They are to be sentenced later this week. A British member of parliament has urged the UK Government to intervene in the case. Judge PK Biswas convicted the six on a range of charges,... (

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Furore Over Rich Kids With Guns in Delhi's Partying Circles

5 May 1999

Associated Press

NEW DELHI, India — The cold-blooded murder of a bartender at New Delhi's latest "in" spot, allegedly by a prominent politician's son, has raised a furor about rich kids with guns and flouting of laws by the privileged. Newspapers that were full of the school shootings in Colorado are now suddenly reporting about New Delhi's hard-drinking, all-night-partying, gun-toting rich kids. Jessica Lal, 34, a former model on the fringes of New Delhi's party world of... (

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