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Gun Policy News, 2 August 2011

United Kingdom

2 August 2011

Independent (UK)

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, was accused last night of resisting calls to tighten gun laws following the shooting spree of Derrick Bird in which 12 people were murdered. A report by MPs more than seven months ago denounced the legislation in England and Wales as a "complex and confused" mess and condemned the loopholes that allowed convicted criminals to acquire firearms legally. Ms May is yet to respond to demand for action by the Commons Home Affairs Select... (

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Kyrgyzstan,Czech Republic,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Central Asia,Russia,Uzbekistan,China,Kazakhstan,European Union,United States,Colombia,Iran

2 August 2011

Journal of Turkish Weekly (Turkey), Transcript

British intelligence analyst and journalist Richard M. Bennett says the Fergana Valley is extremely vulnerable to the covert smuggling of arms and drugs, despite the official reports of Central Asian governments denying its highlighted status. Mr. Bennett told JTW that Russia has been responsible for an overwhelming amount of illegal arms circulating in ex-Soviet Central Asia. In his view, Russia's military intelligence (GRU) is the mastermind of major trafficking... (

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Denmark,European Union,United States,Norway

2 August 2011

Views and News from Norway

Calls are going out for stricter gun regulation and changes to the Norwegian criminal code after the terrorist attacks on Oslo and Utøya, with police, politicians and academics welcoming a debate. When such a debate will be able to occur is more uncertain, with the American police chief in charge of the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombings warning Norwegians not to be overly critical of police or emergency services at this early stage. The police have expressed a... (

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2 August 2011

Nassau Guardian (Bahamas)

The court tasked with dealing expeditiously with firearms cases completed nine cases last week, The Nassau Guardian can reveal. Government re-established a gun court to address the problem of illegal firearm possession. Despite restrictive gun laws, firearms can be obtained with relative ease. Just this year, police seized 255 firearms, although fewer than 100 persons possess special permits to carry handguns. Last week, Gun Court Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt... (

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Cayman Islands

2 August 2011 (Cayman Islands)

With just two firearms being turned in during the Royal Cayman Islands Police guns amnesty programme in July, officers have decided to extend the programme for another month. This time around, they'll be offering cash to individuals who turn in their weapons. According to Robert Baraud of High Impact Media, his company has set aside $2,000 for police to offer to those who turn in weapons or ammunition. Additional donations for the programme will be sought from the... (

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United States

2 August 2011

Oregonian (Portland)

A University of California-Davis professor who studied stray-bullet shootings across the country found that most harm women, young children, older adults and individuals who are at low-risk for violence. The study, which will be published as a letter in tomorrow's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, identified 284 stray-bullet shootings in a one-year period between 2008 and 2009, in which 317 people were killed or injured. Unlike the risk... (

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