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Gun Policy News, 24 September 2006

Canada,United States

24 September 2006

St Petersburg Times (Florida)

MONTREAL — The first bullet is lodged in the back of his head, near the layer of tissue that enfolds his skull. The second lies embedded in his neck, beneath a thick black scab. It is touching his spine. A millimeter deeper and he would have been paralyzed or dead. Both bullets — and a third that passed cleanly through his left calf — entered Hayder Kadhim's body Sept. 13, when a man with a semiautomatic rifle strode into a junior college in downtown Montreal,... (

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24 September 2006

Winnipeg Sun (Manitoba), Column

I have to correct a glaring error I made in last Sunday's column. I claimed the firearm used by Kimveer Gill — the 25-year-old male who went on a shooting rampage at Dawson College in downtown Montreal earlier this month — was an illegally obtained, banned weapon. In fact, Gill's semi-automatic Beretta CX4 Storm is a restricted weapon, not a prohibited one. It was legally obtained and registered. In the fog of rapidly changing reports coming out of Montreal... (

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24 September 2006

Le Soleil / Cyberpresse (Quebec City), Opinion

Encore une fusillade dans une école. Encore des funérailles, des cauchemars et des questions. Pour les victimes et leurs proches, et pour les étudiants de Dawson, le monde ne sera jamais plus le même. Et comme en 1989, après la tuerie à l'École Polytechnique, les citoyens, les médias et les politiciens réagissent en se demandant comment on peut prévenir ce genre de tragédie. On parle de changer la culture violente, de réduire l'isolement des jeunes,... (

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24 September 2006

Le Soleil / Cyberpresse (Quebec City) — Translated, Opinion

Another school shooting. More funerals, nightmares and questions. For the victims and their close relations, and for the students of Dawson, the world will never be the same again. And as in 1989, after the slaughter at l'École Polytechnique, the citizens, the media and the politicians react by wondering how one can prevent this kind of tragedy. There is talk of changing the violent culture, of reducing the isolation of young people, of increasing gun control. I agree... (

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24 September 2006

Sunday Times (Australia)

Police are urging people to surrender unwanted or illegal firearms, weapons, explosives and ordnance in an amnesty next starting Sunday. No compensation will be offered and the amnesty ends December... (

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