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Gun Policy News, 29 September 2005

United Kingdom,Scotland

29 September 2005

Daily Record (Scotland)

Secret files on the Dunblane massacre are to be released next week. The decision to lock the files on the mass murder of 16 primary pupils and teacher Gwen Mayor away for 100 years had led to rumours of a cover-up. Now Lord Advocate Colin Boyd has lifted the closure order on the paperwork from Lord Cullen's inquiry into the 1996 tragedy after years of public pressure. But Boyd admitted yesterday some details would be censored. And four volumes of files containing... (

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United States,United Kingdom,France,Europe

29 September 2005

Agence France Presse

MIAMI — Welcome to Florida, but avoid arguments or thanks to a new law you run the risk of getting shot, according to an ad campaign launched by a gun-control group. The campaign coincides with a state law that enters into effect authorizing gun owners to shoot anyone in a public area who they believe threaten their safety. The law, supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA), was approved by the state legislature in April. Governor Jeb Bush described it as a... (

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United States

29 September 2005

Associated Press

MADISON, Wisconsin — Wisconsin residents could carry concealed weapons in most public places — including churches and the state Capitol — under a bill introduced Thursday that reignited a fierce debate over guns. The legislation introduced by Republican lawmakers would end Wisconsin's 133-year ban on carrying concealed weapons, which gun advocates say violates a constitutional right to bear arms for self protection. Supporters said the measure would deter... (

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United States

29 September 2005

Daily Cardinal (Wisconsin)

UW-Madison students may someday be able to conceal and carry weapons on campus if a bill, to be released Thursday, is passed. It would allow residents of Wisconsin to conceal and carry guns, but it has not been confirmed whether this would include educational institutions or not. The drafters of the bill are Rep. Scott Gunderson, R-Waterford, and Sen. Dave Zien, R-Eau Claire. In 2003, the two released a similar conceal and carry bill; however it was vetoed by Gov.... (

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United States

29 September 2005

Journal Times (Wisconsin)

MADISON, Wisconsin — The state Department of Justice would handle background checks and issue most gun permits under a concealed carry bill to be announced at a Capitol press conference today (Thursday), said state Sen. Dave Zien, R-Eau Claire. Those provisions are among the most significant changes made from last session's concealed carry bill, which called for sheriffs to issue permits, Zien said. Supporters hope this bill has a better chance of becoming law than... (

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United States

29 September 2005

St Petersburg Times (Florida)

TALLAHASSEE — It's definitely not your typical tourist pitch. "Thinking about a Florida vacation?" the advertisement asks. "A new law in the Sunshine State authorizes nervous or frightened residents to use deadly force." Ads, fliers, billboards and a Web site are part of a campaign by a national gun control group to warn visitors about Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law that takes effect Saturday. The law gives broad legal protections to a person who is attacked not... (

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United States

29 September 2005

Journal Times (Wisconsin), Opinion

RACINE, Wisconsin — Should you have the right to carry a gun? Citizens might get the right to carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin under a bill expected to be introduced today in the Legislature in Madison. Racine Alderman Pete Karas will hold a rally in opposition to the bill this afternoon. "We feel that it is important that there be a public rally to show what every statewide poll has shown — that the people of the state do not want more guns on our streets,"... (

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United States

29 September 2005

WKMG-TV News (Florida)

ORLANDO, Florida — Exclusive photos snapped by a University of Central Florida alumni captured campus officer Mario Jenkins with his gun drawn and an apparent police badge hanging around his neck moments before he was mistakenly shot and killed by an Orlando police officer. The images were televised by FLORIDA TODAY news partner WKMG Local 6. Jenkins, an officer who had been working with state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco agents to curb underage... (

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United States

29 September 2005

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

Debra Lee Fifer may not have come any closer to obtaining passage of the responsible gun ownership bill, a measure pending in the state Legislature following her son's tragic death in 2003, but she now has national exposure for the bill. Debra Fifer, whose son, Kirk Bickham Jr., and two friends were shot and killed in 2003, wants a state law regulating gun ownership. Fifer was one of nine women from across the nation to receive the Congressional Black Caucus Unsung... (

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Papua New Guinea

29 September 2005


PORT MORESBY — About 99 per cent of the ammunition stolen from the Lombrum Naval Base magazine storehouse in Manus in Papua New Guinea a month ago was recovered yesterday morning by police. Five suspects, aged between 18 and 26, were also arrested and are now behind bars, the Post Courier reports. Manus Provincial Police Commander Inspector, Alex N'drasal said his men raided Lolak and Chicago villages on Los Negros Island yesterday morning at around 4:30am and... (

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