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Growth Industry for US Gun Owners: Shooting People Insurance

26 September 2016

Toronto Star (Ontario)

WASHINGTON — James Cook, father of two young girls, has insurance for a house fire, insurance for a car accident, insurance for a health problem. For the last two years, he has also had insurance for shooting someone. Cook, a 32-year-old defence lawyer in Colorado, has no plans to shoot anyone. But he is armed with a concealed handgun everywhere he goes except court, and he wants to be prepared for the minuscule possibility he will have to fire it in... (

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United States

Study: 70m Guns Added to US Gun Stock Over Past 20 Years

26 September 2016

Northeastern University (USA)

The esti­mated number of privately-​​owned guns in America grew by more than 70 million—to approx­i­mately 265 million—between 1994 and 2015, and half of that gun stock is owned by only 3 per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion, according to a com­pre­hen­sive national survey co-​​led by North­eastern University. The survey, con­ducted in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Har­vard Uni­ver­sity, is the first nation­ally rep­re­sen­ta­tive survey of... (

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United States

Clinton Doesn't Spur Gun Sales as Much as Obama Did

25 September 2016

Washington Post

Few people have sold more guns than Barack Obama. In March of last year, we looked at the effects of his presidency on the gun industry, estimating that the gun industry had seen about $9 billion more in sales during Obama's presidency than might otherwise have been expected. That's an estimate, but it's clear that the past eight years have been a boon for gun manufacturers. Half of the guns in the United States are owned by 3 percent of adults, suggesting that people... (

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United States

Another Legal Hidden Handgun Holder Kills 2 in Tennessee

23 September 2016

ABC News (USA), Associated Press

A man who fatally shot two supervisors and then killed himself at an electrical components plant in eastern Tennessee had a state-issued permit to carry handguns in public, law enforcement officials said Friday. Ricky Swafford, who had worked at the Thomas & Betts plant a more than 15 years, walked out of a meeting with the supervisors and returned with a pistol, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Susan Niland said. Swafford then shot supervisors Sandra... (

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Argentina: 806k Gun Owners Hold 1.3m Registered Guns [ES]

22 September 2016

El Intransigente (Argentina)

[Translated summary: The National Agency of Controlled Materials reports that there are 1,295,740 firearms registered in Argentina and 806,539 licensed gun owners. It is estimated that 8 people die by firearm each day. The last disarmament campaign retrieved 174,902 firearms.] Se estima que ocho personas mueren cada día en Argentina por el uso de armas de fuego BUENOS AIRES -- En Argentina hay 1.295.740 armas registradas, según informaron desde la Agencia Nacional... (

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Police Offer Gun Amnesty, Free Home Pickup in Canada

22 September 2016

CTV News (Toronto)

Families across B.C. with unwanted guns and other weapons in their homes are being given a chance to give them up, no questions asked, for the month of October. Police announced the amnesty program on Thursday, promising immunity for anyone who wants to turn in their documented or undocumented firearms. "We recognize that some law-abiding British Columbians may find themselves in possession of firearms and other weapons that they're not legally entitled to," said... (

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Ecuador Police Seize, Hold 28,000 Guns for Destruction [ES]

22 September 2016

Infodefensa (Spain)

[Translated Summary: Since 1998, Ecuador's Judicial Police has stored over 28,000 firearms recovered in police operations. Now, they are going to deliver them to the National Army for its destruction, together with 43,000 ammunition and 205 cartridges. This cache was kept stored in different Police's Evidence Collection Points around the country.] La Policía Judicial de Ecuador almacena desde 1998 más de 28.000 armas de fuego que ahora ha comenzado a entregar... (

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Mexico,Central America,South America

Latin America Recent Seizures Reveal Thriving Gun Trade [ES]

22 September 2016

InSight Crime (Bogotá)

[Translated summary: A series of recent raids and reports highlights the thriving arms trade in Latin America which continues to disrupt countries and entire regions. For example, a report by Prensa Libre found the 9mm pistol has been the weapon most commonly confiscated by Guatemala's National Police.] Una serie de redadas e informes recientes ponen de relieve el floreciente negocio de armas en toda Latinoamérica, lo que sirve tanto para beneficio de los grupos... (

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United States,Germany

US Police Kill 100 Times More People Than German Police

22 September 2016

Local (Germany)

According to the Washington Post's database of fatal police shootings, 990 people were killed in 2015. In Germany, ten people were killed by police last year, according to a report on Thursday by publishing group Funke Mediengruppe, citing figures from the German Police University. That means that while the population of the US is roughly four times that of Germany, the number of fatal police shootings there is about 100 times greater. So far this year, 706 people... (

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United States

Gender Gap Shrinks as American Women Join Gun Culture

22 September 2016

Christian Science Monitor

The stereotypical face of gun ownership in the United States has long been a white man, one who holds conservative political views and resides in a rural area. But that may be changing, according to an upcoming survey by public health researchers from Harvard and Northeastern universities. The percentage of Americans who own guns decreased slightly between 1994 and 2015, dropping from 25 to 22 percent, and with it the proportion of male gun owners, the survey found.... (

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United States

USA Guns Stolen from Cars Fuel 'Iron Pipeline' Traffickers [ES]

22 September 2016

Zócalo (Mexico)

[Translated summary: In the US, between 300,000 and 600,000 guns are stolen each year, according to a study from Harvard and Northeastern Universities. Almost 6,000 gun thefts from cars were reported in 2015. These weapons fuel the 'Iron Pipeline' East Coast trafficking route, and are often used in crime.] Washington -- En Estados Unidos roban entre 300 mil y 600 mil armas al año, según información de un estudio de Harvard y Northeastern University, y en muchas... (

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Venezuela Destroys Another 17,014 Seized Private Guns [ES]

22 September 2016

El Impulso (Venezuela)

[Translated Summary: 17,014 illegal firearms, which were seized nationwide by the state in the current year, were destroyed in Venezuela. The destruction consisted in the melting on a local city furnace. Since 2003, over 423,000 firearms have been destroyed.] En el marco del Día Internacional de la Paz, el ministro del Poder Popular para Relaciones Interiores, Justicia y Paz, Néstor Reverol Torres, visitó la ciudad de Barquisimeto para encabezar el proceso de... (

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Argentina Province Will Destroy Another 15,000 Guns [ES]

21 September 2016

Diario Panorama (Argentina)

[Translated summary: 15,000 guns are ready to be destroyed in a province of Argentina. These firearms were discarded by police and security forces, seized in crimes, or voluntarily surrendered by civilians in the last disarmament campaing. According to official data, there are 1.5 million firearms registered and 979,500 owners with licences in the country.] Son las descartadas por las fuerzas de seguridad, las incautadas en delitos y las de usuarios civiles. Según el... (

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Brazil 57 Experts Oppose Bill to Weaken Gun Law [PT]

21 September 2016

Sul 21 (Brazil)

[Translated summary: A group of 57 researchers from Brazil and abroad have published a manifesto against the revocation of the Disarmament Statute. The document aims to inform society of the available scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of the Statute as a tool to save lives. The evidence refutes the idea that more guns mean less violence.] Um grupo de 57 pesquisadores de instituições públicas e privadas de ensino e pesquisa no Brasil e no exterior... (

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Brazil 57 Experts Warn Against Bill to Weaken Gun Law [PT]

21 September 2016

O Globo (Brazil), Editorial

[Translated summary: A manifesto against the revocation of the Disarmament Statute was signed by 50 experts with the support of 13 organisations linked to issues associated with the reduction and prevention of violence in Brazil. The bill to repeal the statute would reduce the minimum age for gun purchases from 25 to 21 and relax the eligibility criteria for a gun licence, among others.] Manifesto contra a revogação da lei, a ser lançado hoje em Brasília, alerta... (

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Norwegian Police Seize Over 1,000 Illegal Guns from Collectors

21 September 2016

News in English (Norway)

Norwegians often refer derisively to how guns flourish among the public in the US, but Norway also has a high per capita amount of weapons in addition to being a weapons producer. Weapons are found in many households in Norway, for hunting or civil defense purposes. Far from all of them are legally registered, and that's what prompted the police raids carried out so far this year. Newspaper Ringerikes Blad reported Wednesday that between 500 and 600 weapons were seized... (

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South America,Central America,Mexico

Recent Seizures Point to Thriving Latin American Gun Trade

21 September 2016

InSight Crime (Bogotá)

A series of recent raids and reports highlights the thriving arms trade throughout Latin America, which serves to both profit illicit groups and to facilitate criminal violence in the region. During a recent conference on armed violence in Central America, Ana Yancy Espinoza, academic director of the Costa Rican organization Fundación Arias, presented the results of an investigation on regional arms trafficking. According to a press release from the Foundation for... (

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United States

Men Use Guns to Murder Most of 1,600 US Women Each Year [ES]

21 September 2016

Nuevo Siglo (USA)

[Translated summary: More than 1,600 women were murdered by men in the US in a year and in 93% of the cases the victims knew their offenders, according to a study published by the Violence Policy Center. In 54% of the incidents, the perpetrator used a firearm. The study urges legislators to adopt laws to ensure that perpetrators of domestic violence don't have access to arms.] Más de 1.600 mujeres fueron asesinadas por hombres en Estados Unidos en un año y en un 93... (

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United States

Guns Are Stolen in America As Often As Once Every Minute

21 September 2016

The Trace (USA)

ATLANTA — Landen Boyd parked his Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck at a construction site south of downtown Atlanta and went to work, leaving his black Smith & Wesson 9mm in a case underneath the center console. It was the fall of 2006, and Boyd, a 37-year-old construction superintendent, was overseeing the development of an apartment complex across the train tracks from Mechanicsville, a high-crime neighborhood. When noon came, Boyd hitched a ride to eat lunch with... (

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United States

US Gun Owners Lose Up to 60,000 Firearms a Year to Thieves

21 September 2016


Landen Boyd parked his Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck at a construction site south of downtown Atlanta and went to work, leaving his black Smith & Wesson 9mm in a case underneath the center console. While Boyd was eating lunch at a nearby rib joint, someone chucked a brick through his truck's back window, crawled inside, grabbed his weapon, and fled. The Smith & Wesson vanished into Atlanta's underworld for more than two years. The handgun resurfaced when police... (

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