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Registered Guns Up 20% in Chile in 2015 [ES]

19 July 2016

Publimetro (Chile)

[Translated Summary: Firearm registrations increased 20% in Chile in 2015. That year, a total of 8,123 firearms were registered, 1,364 more than in 2014. With this number, the total of firearms registered until 2015 is 804,000.] En el período fueron registradas legalmente 1.364 armas más que en en año 2014, pasando de 6.759 a 8.123. En un 20% creció la inscripción de armas en Chile durante 2015, de acuerdo a lo informado por la Dirección General de Movilización... (

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United States

US Second Amendment 'A Recipe for Police Killings'

18 July 2016

Guardian, Opinion

The tragic shootings in Baton Rouge on Sunday are yet another reminder that the second amendment, which grants Americans a constitutional right to be armed, is an extreme danger to police officers. It always was and it always will be. The right to bear arms means that police operate in an environment in which members of the public can purchase, store and practice with weaponry similar to that of police and military. Some of this weaponry can send pieces of... (

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United States

Gun Violence and Children: US Pediatricians Take a Stand

18 July 2016

New York Times

What does it mean to consider gun violence a public health problem, especially when it comes to children? The American Academy of Pediatrics announced the development of a new initiative last week reacting to the violence in St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Dallas, an attempt as pediatricians to find ways to protect children, adolescents and young adults. This isn't a new issue for the academy; the existing policy on firearm injuries in children emphasizes the importance of... (

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Mexico,Central America,United States,South America

USA Floods Mexico with 200,000 Illegal Guns Every Year [ES]

17 July 2016

RT (Moscow)

[Translated Summary: According to a Peruvian journalist, the abundance of firearms in any Latin American country is almost always directly proportional to its proximity to the local superpower. In 2014, over 28,000 American firearms valued at US$21.6 million entered legally to Mexico, but every year an average of 212,000 firearms enter illegally.] En América Latina se registran 76.000 muertes por año vinculadas al uso de armas de fuego. Sobre este total la mayoría... (

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New Irish Taskforce Targets 'People Running Around With Guns'

15 July 2016

Irish Examiner (Dublin)

A 50-strong taskforce to tackle gangland crime will be unveiled by the Government next week The gardaí, drawn from experienced crime investigators, will be appointed to the Special Crime Task Force on a full-time basis. Plans for the taskforce were announced by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Garda commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan on May 31 as part of their response to organised crime and the murderous Kinahan-Hutch feud. Seven people had been killed by that... (

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New Caledonia,Vanuatu,Tuvalu,Tonga,Solomon Islands,Samoa,Papua New Guinea,Kiribati,Marshall Islands,French Polynesia,Micronesia,Fiji,Cook Islands,Nauru,Northern Mariana Islands,Palau,Niue,American Samoa,Caribbean

Addressing Gun Violence in the Caribbean and the Pacific

15 July 2016

The Diplomat (Japan)

"The seas bring us together, they do not separate us." –Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia The Caribbean and the Pacific each offer a unique and contrasting perspective toward addressing armed violence. Despite sharing similar challenges as Small Island Developing States (SIDS), each region faces very different circumstances on the ground. In light of this, each region has taken a different approach toward addressing armed violence. The Pacific stands... (

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Permits for Guns Made Easier, Quicker in the Philippines

15 July 2016

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Getting a gun permit just became easier, with the Philippine National Police reducing the number of requirements needed and streamlining the application process to shorten the wait for its release. PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said the 10 requirements for a license to own and possess firearms (LTOPF) have been reduced to just four: the neuro-psychiatric screening, drug test, police clearance and the RTC/MTC or NBI clearance. "As we are streamlining the... (

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South Africa

South Africa Far-Right Leader Arrested for Gun Possession

15 July 2016

Eyewitness News (South Africa)

JOHANNESBURG – The Hawks have arrested the leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) in the Vaal for possession of firearms and ammunition. The 48-year-old was arrested at a house in Vereeniging, where he was found with eight unlicensed firearms and more than 2,000 rounds of different calibre ammunition. Yesterday, another member of the party was arrested in Vanderbijlpark, in possession of nine rifles and three pistols. The two will appear in the... (

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United States

US Government Releases Proposed Guidelines for Smart Guns

15 July 2016

Engadget (USA)

Federal authorities have just released a set of recommended guidelines to define the minimum technical requirements that law enforcement agencies expect from smart guns. The proposed baseline specs cover just pistols for now, and are open for public input from now till September 13. The biggest difference that the proposed smart gun would have from regular firearms is the addition of a so-called "security device." This is designed to prevent unauthorized use by... (

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Amnesty Discussed for Unlicensed Gun Owners in Ghana

14 July 2016

Graphic (Ghana)

The National Small Arms Commission (NSAC) says it is working with the security agencies to consider offering amnesty to people who possess unlicensed guns as part of a strategy to mop up the 1.1 million illicit arms in the country. "The records suggest that when people have their weapons legally registered, they normally don't use them in committing crime and always keep an eye on them," the Executive Director of the commission, Mr Jones Applerh, told the Daily... (

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United States

Anaheim, California Buyback Collects 676 Guns in One Day

14 July 2016

The Orange County Register (USA)

ANAHEIM – They ran out of gift cards. An Anaheim Police Department gun buyback program was so wildly successful that officers had to hand out $48,000 in IOUs to those who turned in weapons. Police were set to give out 190 $100 gift cards to Kohl's, Wal-Mart or Target for each weapon turned in Saturday, but the cards ran out in the first two hours of the event at La Palma Park. The department is buying more cards, which it will distribute in the next 10 days, Anaheim... (

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European Union

Blank-Firing Guns to Be Covered by EU Gun Control Rules

13 July 2016

New Europe (Belgium)

EU countries will have to introduce stronger controls on "blank-firing" guns, to prevent them being converted to fire live ammunition, under Internal Market Committee amendments, voted on Wednesday, to a draft update of the EU firearms directive. The changes approved by MEPs ensure that any firearm which has been converted to firing blanks continues to be covered by EU gun control rules. This closes a legal loophole which became evident in the aftermath of last year's... (

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Indian Mobs Target Police, Troops, Snatch Scores of Firearms

13 July 2016

Times of India

NEW DELHI -- Security forces are bracing for the first Friday prayers after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani against the backdrop of growing evidence of a secessionist plot to raise an arsenal with arms snatched from security forces. According to sources, a mob took away around 70 semi-automatic and automatic weapons of J&K police after storming a police station in Damhal Hanji Pora in Kulgam two days ago. On Tuesday, two separate attempts were... (

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Jamaica's 'Get the Guns' Campaign Seizes 336 Firearms

12 July 2016

Jamaica Observer

KINGSTON – The 'Get the Guns' campaign continues to reap results in the number of illegal guns seized by the security forces since the start of the year. Communication Officer, Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, reports that law-enforcement officers have seized 336 illegal guns from communities all across Jamaica. Speaking at a press conference at the Office of the Commissioner in St Andrew on July 11, Superintendent Lindsay said the... (

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1,300 Guns Destroyed in Ghana, 1.1 Million Still in Wrong Hands

11 July 2016

Graphic Online (Ghana)

The National Small Arms Commission (NSAC) last Saturday destroyed 1,300 illegal guns in the country but warned that there were still more than 1.1 million of such firearms and light weapons that might be in wrong hands. The guns, which were marked and broken before being set on fire, included locally made single- and double-barrelled shotguns, locally made and imported pistols, pump action guns and local mortars. The number of illegal firearms in wrong hands means that... (

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Gang Smuggling Guns from Switzerland to France Dismantled

11 July 2016


An investigation by the French police has led to the arrest of two Swiss residents involved in smuggling arms to the French cities of Toulouse and Marseilles. Around 300 to 400 weapons of different calibers, including a Kalashnikov and M16 were seized. Information on the trafficking operation was obtained after investigations in France and Switzerland in June and July, said the Marseilles public prosecutor Brice Robin at a press conference in the city on Monday. Two... (

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Kenya's Private Gun Ownership the Largest in East Africa

11 July 2016

East African (Nairobi)

Kenya has the largest number of guns in civilian hands in eastern Africa amid rising gun attacks while Rwanda has the least, a global survey shows. Data from Sidney-based, a website backed by the United Nations, puts the estimated number of guns possessed by Kenyan civilians at about 680,000, comprising licit and illicit firearms. Tanzania has 550,000 guns in private hands, Uganda (400,000), Ethiopia (320,000), Burundi (100,000) and 58,000 for... (

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United States

Dallas Police Hampered, Not Helped by 'Good Guys With Guns'

11 July 2016

Los Angeles Times

Remember this drivel? "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Well, that gun lobby rubbish was again disproved in Dallas. Twelve good guys — law enforcement men and women trained to shoot — were stopped by one bad guy. Five officers were killed and seven wounded. Two civilians also were injured before the bad guy was finally stopped by a bomb-carrying robot. How many good guys with guns were there trying to subdue this bad... (

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Over 67,000 Illegal Firearms Destroyed in Angola

10 July 2016

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

NAMIBE — Sixty-seven thousand of 102,027 fire arms so far collected from the civil population countrywide have been destroyed, said Saturday in southwest Namibe province the second general commander of National Police chief commissioner, Paulo de Almeida. Also coordinator of National Technical Sub-Commission for Civilian Disarmament, Paulo de Almeida was speaking at the central event of the International Small Arms Destruction Day, on July 9. The senior police... (

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New Zealand

Review of New Zealand Gun Laws Likely to Lead to Changes

10 July 2016

Radio New Zealand

An internal review of how the police administer and monitor firearms is likely to lead to changes in the law, including allowing people to apply for a gun licence online. The review was being carried out in parallel to the Parliamentary Select Committee inquiry into illegal gun possession, sparked by the shooting of four police officers in Kawerau and the seizure of a cache of illicit firearms in Auckland earlier this year. Police national manager for police response... (

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