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Argentina Extends National Gun Amnesty for Another Year [ES]

24 October 2016

Hoy (Argentina)

[Translated summary: Argentina's government extended the deadline for the national disarmament program until the end of 2017. In the country there are 1,200,000 registered firearms, but it's estimated that there are 3 million more undeclared and in the hands of criminals. According to official data, since 2007 the program received 175,000 handguns and shotguns that were disabled and destroyed.] El Gobierno promulgó la ley sancionada en el Congreso que extiende la... (

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Australia Justice Minister Said Consulting Only With Gun Lobby

24 October 2016


A group of 30 domestic violence groups, gun control advocates, politicians and prominent Australians has criticised the federal justice minister, Michael Keenan, for holding "one-sided" meetings in 2015 with the firearms lobby on changes to Australia's gun laws. Minutes from the firearms reference industry group obtained by Guardian Australia show Keenan told firearms lobby groups in a private meeting in September 2015 that the government wanted to cut "red tape" from... (

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United States

Gun Makers Ban New Handgun Sales in 'Too Strict' California

24 October 2016

LA Times, Editorial

When someone shoots up a neighborhood with a semiautomatic weapon, the shooter usually leaves evidence behind — not only the bullets fired, but also the spent casings ejected from the gun as a fresh round loads. Ballistics experts can match distinctive marks the firing process leaves on the bullets and the casings against fresh samples fired from a gun that investigators believe may have been used in the crime. But first, of course, they must have the gun. But... (

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United States

California on Brink of US Election Upset Over Gun Control

24 October 2016

Los Angeles Times

Proposition 63 would enact the toughest gun controls in the United States. But it also would do something else: represent an astonishing historical milestone. And if passed as expected, the ballot measure would illustrate a textbook example of how public policy can be radically changed in a democracy laden with competing checks and balances. How is that? Through the long, slow process of taking incremental steps over decades. By pushing hard and steadily, but with... (

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Brazil's Merchants of Death: Unchecked Gun Exports Kill - NYT

23 October 2016

New York Times, Opinion

RIO DE JANEIRO — As Brazil weathers the worst political and economic crises in living memory, Brazilians can hardly be blamed for being distracted. But there is a subject that the country's politicians — and citizens — are not discussing, even though it risks tarnishing Brazil's international reputation as an advocate of peacebuilding and diplomacy: an unchecked arms industry and its involvement in foreign conflicts around the globe. The fingerprints of Brazil's... (

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Recent Gun Figures from Australia's CrimTrac Lack Credibility

21 October 2016

University of Sydney Media Release, Media release

University of Sydney gun policy expert, Associate Professor Philip Alpers has questioned the accuracy of registered firearms data published by CrimTrac, the federal agency responsible for counting gun owners and their firearms. In Table 2.23 at page 63 of its 2015-16 Annual Report, the following conclusions seem to lack credibility: - An increase of 1.2 million registered firearms in Australia in the past three years - A sudden decrease of 900,000 registered... (

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Australian Gun Lobby, Leyonhjelm Shot Themselves in the Foot

21 October 2016

The New Daily (Australia)

Adler Arms Corp, the Turkish manufacturer of the A110 lever-action rapid-fire 12 gauge shotgun, will not legally be entitled to distribute its product to Australian consumers for the indefinite future. After assembled state and Commonwealth ministers failed to reach consensus on Friday about an appropriate risk assessed classification for the Adler, it appears the gun lobby, in particular Liberal Democrat cross bench Senator David Leyonhjelm has shot itself in the... (

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Australia to Launch New National Gun Amnesty in 2017 [ES]

21 October 2016

El Nuevo Herald, Associated Press

[Translated summary: Australia will allow owners to hand in illegal firearms without penalty, from the middle of 2017. The amnesty will be the first national long gun amnesty since the 1996 buyback in response to a mass shooting that left 35 dead. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission reported that there could be 300-600,000 unregistered firearms.] CANBERRA -- Australia permitirá a los propietarios de armas entregar armas de fuego ilegales sin ser... (

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Australia Agrees to First National Gun Amnesty in 20 Years

21 October 2016

Associated Press

Australia will allow gun owners to hand in illegal firearms without penalty next year as concerns grow over gun crimes involving such weapons, a federal minister said Friday. Australia's police and justice ministers agreed at a meeting to start a nationwide gun amnesty from the middle of 2017, Justice Minister Michael Keenan said. "Australia is world-renowned for the strength of our firearm laws, but illegal firearms do remain a deadly weapon of choice for organized... (

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Australia Gun Laws: Which Way Will We Go? - Guardian OpEd

21 October 2016

Guardian, Opinion

On Friday, the state police ministers will meet to finalise the review of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) including the fate of the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun. The importance of this meeting should not be underestimated. In summary, the ministers are deciding the future direction of Australia's gun laws. A future that could see the demise of Australia's strong gun laws and the continual rise of the pro-gun lobby. One issue which the states and commonwealth... (

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Licensed Gun Owners Stockpiling Extra Weapons in Australia

21 October 2016

Advertiser (Adelaide)

Licensed gun owners are stockpiling extra weapons and more than a million guns have been registered since 2012 – about the same number that were destroyed in the wake of Port Arthur, The Advertiser can reveal. The official figures come amid fierce debate on guns in Canberra yesterday, where embattled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull strongly rebuked his predecessor, Tony Abbott. Senator David Leyonhjelm threw a grenade by saying he had a deal with the Coalition to... (

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Hundreds of Guns Turned In so Far During Amnesty in Canada

21 October 2016

Metro News (Canada)

Two weeks in and police departments throughout British Columbia have already collected hundreds of firearms during October's gun amnesty month. The gun amnesty drive allows people to contact local police and dispose of any unwanted registered or unregistered weapons without the fear of prosecution, as long as they have not been used in a criminal offence. During the first two weeks of the initiative, BC RCMP said more than 480 firearms and replicas have been turned... (

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European Union

Europe's Pro-gun Lobbies Dilute Planned EU Gun Control Law

21 October 2016

Deutsche Welle

The European Commission's attempts to ban the most dangerous semi-automatic weapons, such as AK-47 assault rifles, are being watered down thanks to pressure from a pan-European alliance of gun associations, according to documents leaked to "Der Spiegel" magazine. The Commission's proposal, drawn up in the wake of last year's terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, is due to be finalized over the coming weeks by the European Parliament, the Commission,... (

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Guyanese Concerned About Gun Crimes Despite 21% Decline

21 October 2016

Demerara Waves (Guyana)

Former Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Retired Brigadier Mark Phillips Friday said although the official police statistics show a decline in serious crimes, the feeling of insecurity among Guyanese is very high makes it necessary for collaboration among several stakeholders. "Notwithstanding the statistics that speak to a reduction in crime -- and here I am not hitting at the police force -- it is my firm belief, as a citizen of Guyana, that the high... (

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Shipment of War Weapons to Luxembourg Was "Normal" [FR]

21 October 2016

L'essentiel (Luxembourg)

[Translated summary: A shipment of 200 weapons of war (pistols and Kalashnikovs) heading to Luxembourg was detained in the Germany-Austria border. However, after 14 hours, authorities concluded that the shipment was perfectly legal. Gun dealers explain that several collectors and sport shooters are interest in semi-auto rifles.] LUXEMBOURG -- La police et les vendeurs d'armes l'assurent: intercepter un camion transportant plus de 200 armes de guerre potentiellement... (

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South Africa

South Africa Police Destroy Another 23,000 Firearms [FR]

21 October 2016

La Revue de l'Afrique

[Translated summary: South African police have destroyed 22,999 firearms, most of them seized from criminals. 3,156 were police guns that were no longer operational. Among them were revolvers, pistols, hunting rifles and assault rifles. Police are sure that destruction will contribute to the security of the country, which sees an average of 16 gun deaths each day.] La police sud-africaine a conduit hier une opération médiatisée de destruction massive d'armes à feu.... (

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United States

Trump Supporters Plan to Flaunt Their Guns at Polling Booths

21 October 2016

The Trace (USA)

Eddie Fulmer will cast his ballot for Donald Trump on Election Day with a .45-caliber pistol visibly strapped to his hip. Though he thinks voter fraud is a problem, Fulmer will not be monitoring the polls, and he doesn't believe that other voters in his pocket of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, will recoil at the sight of his gun. "People are going to vote just like they walk around in daily life," said Fulmer, president of the gun rights group BamaCarry. "It may seem... (

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United States

Hidden Handguns on Campus Will Increase Tragedies in Texas

21 October 2016

Washington Post, Opinion

Texas this year became the eighth state to require state colleges and universities to allow civilians with permits to carry concealed guns in public places. As a result, the University of Texas at Austin — a school that 50 years ago suffered the trauma of the nation's first campus mass killing — must allow guns to be brought onto campus. To those behind the campus-carry movement making such inroads in Austin and other state capitals, that's a good thing. This... (

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United States

Chicago Isn't Even Close to Being the US Gun Violence Capital

21 October 2016

The Trace (USA)

People are getting shot in Chicago in alarmingly high numbers: 3,500 as of mid-October, 1,000 more than at the same time last year. Almost 600 of the victims died. Chicago has become synonymous with gun violence, attracting attention from the press, politicians, and advocates on both sides of the gun debate. Opponents of look at Chicago's level of gun violence and the relatively strict gun laws in place in the city and the state of Illinois and see proof that tighter... (

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United States

US 'National Dialogue Has Changed' on Guns - 130 of the Worst

21 October 2016

New York Times

John R. Houser was dangerously mentally ill, too ill to carry a gun. Of that, there is little doubt. Over 16 years, Mr. Houser, 59, had been charged with hiring a man to burn down a lawyer's office and named in a domestic violence complaint. In 2008, after Mr. Houser threatened to kill his daughter's fiancé, a judge issued a temporary restraining order and ordered him hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. In 2014, he threatened to shoot law enforcement officers who... (

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