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Australian Massacre Father Warns Against Rapid-fire Shotgun

26 June 2016

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Walter Mikac has warned more people would have died in the Lindt Cafe terror attack if the perpetrator had been able to access rapid-fire shotgun now flooding the Australian market. The gun control campaigner, whose wife and two girls died in the Port Arthur massacre, said gun manufacturers had built a shotgun which deliberately exploited loopholes in tough Australian laws. More than 7000 Adler A110 lever-action shotguns have been sold into Australia, categorised... (

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Ten Guns a Week Stolen in Western Australia: Handguns Too

26 June 2016

Sunday Times (Western Australia)

Almost 1000 guns have been reported stolen in WA in the past two years, with many feared to be in the hands of criminals. WA Police figures show 992 firearms were reported stolen between April 2014 and April this year - an average of almost 10 a week. Most of the stolen guns - 906 - were "long arm" firearms, such as rifles, and two thirds of all the reported thefts (612) happened in regional WA. WA Police said it only recovered about 90 stolen guns each year, meaning... (

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United States,Australia

JAMA's Article on Australia's Gun Control Fuels Controversy

24 June 2016

Medpage Today (USA)

Does Australia's gun control policy -- a government buy back of civilian-owned guns and strict laws limiting access to guns -- offer useful insights for the U.S.? No, according Timothy Wheeler, MD, a retired Los Angeles head and neck surgeon, who played a role in Congress's decision to withhold funding for CDC studies of gun violence, who termed Australia's buyback "a full-fledged mass confiscation." "The 1996 National Firearms Agreement's so-called 'buyback' of... (

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Not So Fast: Why Australia Should Still Worry About Guns

23 June 2016

Daily Life (Australia)

Not for Charlotte Bacon, who would never turn seven. Not for Ana either. Not for Madeleine Hsu. Not for Jack or Gracie. Not Jesse nor James. God knows, nothing moved politicians to talk hopes and prayers like the 20 murdered children of Sandy Hook Elementary School but nothing moved them to make change. Nearly four years later, another mass shooting and 49 dead in Orlando. On Monday, US senators still couldn't come together to pass any gun control measures at all.... (

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Report Finds Australian Gun Deaths Slashed Since 1996

23 June 2016

9news (Australia), Australian Associated Press

Australian firearm deaths have fallen rapidly in the past two decades, and not a single mass shooting has occurred since the Port Arthur massacre, according to a new study. There were 104 people killed and at least 52 wounded in 13 Australian mass shootings between 1979 and 1996, the study reports. Its authors, including University of Sydney Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman, found not a single mass shooting death in the ensuing 20 years (defined as involving five or... (

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Homicide, Suicide Fell in Australia After Gun Buyback

23 June 2016

Sydney Morning Herald

The gun law reforms enacted after the Port Arthur massacre 20 years ago did not only bring about an uninterrupted hiatus on mass shootings in Australia, but precipitated a decline in all intentional deaths, including those that did not involve firearms. Research published in the prestigious American journal JAMA demonstrates fears that gun suicides would merely be replaced by other methods have proved misguided, with an initial spike in suicide deaths immediately... (

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Tight Firearm Laws Reduced Gun Deaths in Australia - Study

23 June 2016


Since major gun law reforms were introduced in Australia, mass shootings have not only stopped, but there has also been an accelerating reduction in rates of firearm-related homicide and suicides, a landmark study has found. It has been two decades since rapid-fire long guns were banned in Australia, including those already in private ownership, and 19 years since the mandatory buyback of prohibited firearms by government at market price was introduced. A handgun... (

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United States

California Lawmakers Fund Centre for Gun Violence Research

23 June 2016

New York Times, Editorial

For two decades, Congress has effectively blocked federal money from being used for basic research on gun violence and its effect on public health. All efforts to lift this restriction have been repeatedly rejected by Republicans who seem to believe that the less people know about gun violence and how to prevent it, the better. California lawmakers, faced with this failure by the federal government, are moving ahead to finance public research on their own. The... (

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United States,Australia

Drastic Drops in Australia Gun Deaths After New Regulations

23 June 2016

RT-TV Novosti (Russia)

Gun control legislation introduced by Australia 20 years ago has not only stopped mass shootings from happening, but also led to a fall in gun-related fatalities, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows. Rapid fire weapons were banned in Australia in 1996 following a mass shooting, which killed 35 people. A year later, the government introduced a buy-back scheme. Over the next few years, over 700,000 semi-automatic weapons, pump... (

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Australia After Gun Reform: No Mass Shootings in 20 Years

22 June 2016

Science Daily

Since gun law reform and the Firearms Buyback program 20 years ago, Australia has seen an accelerating decline in intentional firearm deaths and an absence of fatal mass shootings, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports in a landmark study. "The absence of mass shootings in Australia in the past two decades compares to 13 fatal mass shootings in the 18 years prior to these sweeping reforms," says the University of Sydney's Emeritus Professor... (

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No Mass Shootings in Australia for 20 Years - LA Times

22 June 2016

Los Angeles Times

Gun-control advocates in the U.S. often point to Australia as proof that Americans would be safer with a ban on semiautomatic weapons. In the land down under, there has been a total of zero mass shootings since rapid-fire guns were outlawed in the 1990s. But a new analysis of crime in Australia stops short of giving gun-control laws the credit for this remarkable run. The reason: Although homicides involving guns have declined over the past 20 years, homicides... (

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Australia,United States

Mass Shootings in Australia Ceased After Gun Laws Tightened

22 June 2016

Wall Street Journal

The changes were also associated with an accelerated reduction in total firearm-related deaths from homicide and suicide, according to the study, published online Wednesday in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. Mass shootings like the one in Orlando, Fla., have come to a halt in Australia in the two decades since the country adopted sweeping changes to its gun laws, researchers reported in a new study. The changes were also associated with an... (

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Mass Shootings in Australia Down to Zero After Gun Law Reforms

22 June 2016

USA Today

WASHINGTON — Major gun law reforms in Australia enacted 20 years ago have eliminated fatal mass shootings there, according to a study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Before Australia enacted the reform, it had 13 mass shootings in the span of 17 years. The study, conducted by three Australian university researchers, was released two days after the Senate rejected four measures that would increased background checks for... (

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Australia Took Action to Prevent Gun Deaths. What Happened?

22 June 2016

Washington Post

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, the Senate failed to pass four bills to shore up background checks, despite public support for the measures hovering around 90 percent. The status quo is deeply unpopular, but it remains the law. The American mass shooting experience, which tends to follow a predictable cycle of tragedy -> outrage -> finger-pointing -> inaction, stands in sharp contrast to what happened in Australia in 1996. There, a horrified... (

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Dominican Republic

Over 450,000 Dominicans Have Guns Despite Firearm Law [ES]

22 June 2016

Listin Diario (Dominican Republic)

[Translated Summary: 20,455 people have been shot dead in the Dominican Republic in the past 15 years. Guns, parts and ammunition worth US$40.3 million have been imported in the past seven years. Also, there are 878 rifles, 55,360 shotguns and 165,315 handguns held legally by the civilian population, but more than 300,000 illegally.] El auge de la delincuencia, cada vez más violenta y asesina, es uno de los graves problemas que acusa a la sociedad dominicana en estos... (

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United States

Free Handguns for 'At Risk' Americans: NRA, Smith & Wesson

22 June 2016

NRA-ILA, Media release

FAIRFAX, VA — American cities are hotbeds of crime, from gang violence to police brutality, but a major part of the problem is that the most vulnerable populations cannot afford to defend themselves. A new program from the National Rifle Association, in partnership with Smith & Wesson, seeks to change that. Share the Safety is a revolutionary online store that will open its digital doors on July 4. Taking its cue from other "buy one, give one" retailers, customers of... (

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United States

Doctors Should Push Gun Control, Says Medical Journal NEJM

22 June 2016

NBC News (USA)

American doctors should join the increasingly bitter battle on gun control, the influential New England Journal of Medicine said Wednesday. The medical journal's editorial board joined a growing group of medical professionals taking side in the highly politicized gun debate, even as Democrats staged a sit-in on the floor of Congress and the Senate voted against four proposed firearms measures. "The devastation wrought by firearms is not inevitable, and to consider... (

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United States,Australia

Why Banning Assault-Weapons Could Reduce Mass Shootings in the US

22 June 2016

New York Mag

The American conversation about mass shootings is excruciating and circular because there is no possible universe in which our lawmakers will tighten gun control in a meaningful way anytime soon. Among advocates for stronger restrictions on who can buy guns — or at least the most deadly ones — the best hope, for now, is to simply keep building the case and amping up the pressure, in the hopes that some sort of tipping point will eventually be reached. One way to do... (

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United States,Australia

Australia's Successful Gun Reforms Could Inform US Policies

22 June 2016


A new study from Australia shows how the country's sweeping gun law reform was followed by a decline in mass shootings, homicides and suicides in the last two decades – changes that researchers said could inform US gun policy. Since 49 people were killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, gun control advocates have again presented Australia as an example of successful gun reform. After the April 1996 shooting in Australia where one man killed 35 people and... (

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Venezuela Destroyed More Than 12,000 Firearms in 2016 [ES]

22 June 2016

Correo del Orinoco (Venezuela)

[Translated summary: Venezuelan authorities have seized a total of 12,772 firearms during the current year in 51 different tactical operations. The Minister for Justice and Peace noted that some firearms were the result of voluntary surrender from civilians who "are tired of being armed and they traded them for domestic appliances, so they can live in harmony."] Un total de 12 mil 772 armas de fuego han sido inutilizadas durante este año por las autoridades... (

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