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document UN MGE Measurability and Implementation

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Measurability and Implementation

Country-by-country comparions of marking, tracing, record-keeping and other norms

Meeting of Governmental Experts on the Implementation of the Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons (UNPoA MGE) at the United Nations in New York, 9-13 May 2011.

document UN MGE MTR Reported Implementation

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Marking, Tracing and Record-keeping

Reported Implementation to Date

Published United Nations small arms Programme of Action (UNPoA) and International Tracing Instrument (ITI) national reports, along with small arms legislation analysed from 73 UN Member States, provide preliminary marking and tracing implementation totals.

spreadsheet Global Civilian Small Arms Stockpiles

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Counting Privately Owned Guns

In the hard copy version of the Small Arms Survey yearbook 'Guns and the City' (Cambridge University Press 2007), Aaron Karp's Chapter 2 'Completing the Count: Civilian firearms' contains several references to Annexes 1-5. In the printed version at page 67, readers are referred to 'Annexes Online' at a web link since broken. As the author's data tables in support of this chapter seem unavailable online, and in the interests of transparency, offers a compressed version of Appendices 1-5.

spreadsheet Global Military and Law Enforcement Firearm Stockpiles

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Guns Held By Armed Forces and Police

In the hard copy version of the Small Arms Survey yearbook 'Unfinished Business' (Oxford University Press 2006), Aaron Karp's Chapter 2 'Trickle and Torrent: State Stockpiles' contains several references to Appendix I and II. In the printed version at page 61, Endnote 1 reads: Appendices 1 and 2 are available at

For several years, Karp's appendices were not displayed at this URL. As at January 2013, Endnote 1 had also been removed from the online version of Chapter 2 displayed on the Small Arms Survey web site. In the interests of transparency, offers a compressed version of both Appendix I and II.

pdf Pacific Islands Forum Nadi Weapons Control Bill and Notes

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A Model Weapons Bill for Oceania

Since 1996, the sixteen member states of the Pacific Islands Forum have worked to develop a common regional approach to weapon control.
For details, see Pacific Model Legislation.
This download includes the PIF 2010 Revision of the Bill.

pdf Gun Violence, Crime and Politics in the Southern Highlands

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Community Interviews and a Guide to Small Arms in Papua New Guinea

Alpers, Philip. Background paper for Gun-running in Papua New Guinea: From Arrows to Assault Weapons in the Southern Highlands.

Geneva: Small Arms Survey, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. June, 2005.

spreadsheet NISAT Firearm Mortality Database 2005

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Global Gun Deaths

Unpublished, undated 'Global Gun Deaths' dataset prepared by the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers (NISAT) for the Norwegian Church Aid
report 'Who Takes The Bullet?: The impact of small arms violence' (2005).

In late 2008, NISAT advised that the 2005 dataset had not been updated since.

pdf Iootty Viva Rio Brazil Gun Law Translation PDF

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Brazil Statute of Disarmament Law No. 10.826/03

Final Wording of the Alternative Bill of the House of Representatives for Bill of Law No. 292 of 1999 of the Brazilian Senate, aka the Disarmament Statute.
Unofficial translation by Carolina Iootty, Viva Rio, Rio de Janeiro, 2003. 

pdf Small Arms Control in the Black Sea Region

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A Regional Assessment of Small Arms Control Initiatives in Eastern Eurasia

Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. Grillot, Suzette R. Monitoring the Implementation of Small Arms Controls Project (MISAC); Eurasia Series No. 2. London: International Alert. December, 2003.

pdf Regulating Weapons in the Pacific: The 'Nadi Framework'

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Developing a Common Approach to Gun Control Legislation in Oceania

A precursor to the Draft Model Weapons Control Bill approved at the Pacific Islands Forum in August, 2003 as the basis for regional model small arms regulation. See also Pacific Model Legislation.

pdf Reconsidering Small Arms in the Solomon Islands - Findings

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Reconsidering Guns in the Solomon Islands

Small Arms Survey policy briefing

There were an estimated 1,010-1,270 illegal high powered and commercial firearms in the Solomon Islands – considerably more than the 500-700 commonly reported. The people of these islands, now gun-free by law, destroyed more firearms than the nation knew it had.

Robert Muggah and Philip Alpers. Geneva: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Working Paper, August 2003.

pdf Injury Prevention Editorial - Americans Are Often Shot

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Yes, Americans are often shot—and so are many others

The public health community is crucial to any solution

If guns were discussed and regulated as matter-of-factly as other vectors of injury and disease, ideological barriers could be moved aside, much as they were in the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Guest editorial. Injury Prevention 2002;8:262.

pdf California State Assembly - Firearm Registration and Licensing

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Firearm Registration and Gun Owner Licensing - The International Experience

California State Assembly

Select Committee on Gun Violence

Testimony of Philip Alpers. Glendale, California. 1 December, 1999.

pdf Gold Medal Gunslingers - Shoot to Kill at the Olympic Games?

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Combat Shooting Targets the Olympics

Competition Rooted in Violent Fantasy Would Pollute Olympics, Legitimize Powerful Non-Sporting Weapons

Combat shooting is a rehearsal for urban warfare, and a violent distortion of traditional target shooting. Competitions are built around fantasy scenarios, with humanoid "bad guy" targets to be shot and similar "hostage" targets to be avoided. The Olympic movement is dedicated to non-violence, yet combat shooters seek acceptance for a 'shoot-to-kill' Olympic event.

Philip Alpers and Josh Sugarmann

Violence Policy Center. Washington DC, July 1999.

pdf .22 Calibre Rabbit Rifles Kill More People Than Any Other

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"Harmless" .22 Calibre Rabbit Rifles Kill More People Than Any Other Type of Gun

Contrary to their popular image as low-powered "bunny guns," .22-calibre rifles are commonly used in multiple shootings. In seven mass killings involving .22 rifles in Australia and New Zealand alone, 54 people died by gunfire.

Auckland, 1 March 1998.

pdf The Right to Keep Secret Guns

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The Right to Keep Secret Guns

Registering Firearms to Reduce Gun Violence

A Report Commissioned by the New Zealand Police Association.

Wellington, July 1997.

pdf The People Most Likely to Kill with a Gun

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Eleven Years of Mass Gun Killings in Australia and New Zealand, 1987-97

New Zealand Mental Health Commission

A typical gun homicide is committed by a licensed male gun owner with no record of violent crime or mental illness, using a legal firearm to kill someone he knows well.

Wellington, June 1997.

pdf Australia New Zealand Prohibited Persons Register

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Blaming People with Mental Illness for Gun Violence

New Zealand Mental Health Commission

Despite efforts to portray them otherwise in the media, those with a history of mental illness are no more likely to kill another person than the average member of the population. Police homicide figures show that alcohol is four times more likely to be a precipitating factor than mental illness.

Wellington, June 1997.

pdf Policing Gun Laws

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Policing Gun Laws

Non-Compliance, Neglect and a Lack of Enforcement Continue to Undermine New Zealand’s Firearms Laws

A Report Commissioned by the New Zealand Police Association.

Wellington, October 1996.

pdf Locking Up Guns

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Locking Up Guns

Foiling Thieves, Children and the Momentarily Suicidal

A Report Commissioned by the New Zealand Police Association

Wellington, 14 August 1996.