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pdf Australia - Firearm Amnesty Buyback and Destruction Totals

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Australian Firearm Amnesty

Buyback and Destruction Totals

From 1988 to 2015, Australia ran 41 state, territory and federal firearm amnesties for a combined total of 3,274 weeks. From the reports in which numbers were published, a minimum of 1,121,577 firearms were surrendered to police for destruction. For an additional 44 months, collection figures are unknown.

This table shows official tallies and media-reported numbers.

pdf Australia - Firearm Imports 1995-2015 (Customs)

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Australian Civilian Gun Imports, 1995-2015 (Customs)

Following a decade of mass shootings, dozens of state gun amnesties and
a massive federal buyback and destruction of newly prohibited rapid-fire
long guns, Australian arms dealers rushed to import more firearms.
Many of these replaced guns destroyed in the buy-back.

This table lists national firearm import totals provided by the Australian
Customs and Border Protection Service for the 19 years which followed
the Port Arthur gun massacre, from 1995/96 to 2014/15.

pdf Australia - Firearm Imports 1988-2015 (ABS)

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Australian Civilian Gun Imports, 1988-2015 (ABS)

In the 27 years from 1988 to 2015, Australians imported more than a million guns. Many of these replaced firearm types prohibited and destroyed during
federal firearm buybacks, or surrendered in dozens of state gun amnesties.

This table lists national firearm import totals provided by the Australian
Bureau of Statistics for the years 1988/89 to 2014/15.

pdf Alpers ANU Policy Forum A Disarming Lesson from the Pacific

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A Disarming Lesson from the Pacific

Australia is often held up as an example in US gun control debates, but America might learn more from a close look at Pacific Island nations.

Policy Forum, Asia & The Pacific Policy Society, Australian National University, 29 January 2016
Republished in The Age, Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times, WA Today

pdf Alpers Washington Post America Has Lost Control of Guns

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America Has Lost Control of its Gun Infestation, Plague of Armed Violence

Similar countries have saved lives by reducing the availability of firearms. Now the world leader in public health interventions has little option but to bite the bullet and to curb gun deaths by following the evidence.

Washington Post, 10 December 2015

pdf Alpers Gun Deaths and Lawful Gun Owners

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If Lawful Firearm Owners Cause Most Gun Deaths, What Can We Do?

In many, perhaps even most gun deaths in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States, a lawful gun owner kills with a legal gun.

The Conversation, 7 October 2015

pdf Alpers Europe Deadliest Non-Terrorist Mass Shootings 1987 2015

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The Deadliest Non-Terrorist Mass Shootings in Europe, 1987-2015

Of 227 victims shot dead, 90% were killed by a previously law-abiding, licensed gun owner, while 97% were shot with a lawfully owned firearm. All the perpetrators were men.

pdf Alpers Australia NZ Mass Shootings 1987-2015

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Mass Gun Killings in Australia and New Zealand, 1987-2015

Of 130 victims shot dead, 56% were killed by a licensed gun owner. Most were shot by a killer with no previous history of violent crime or mental illness. All the perpetrators were men.

pdf Pacific Lives Up to Its Name with Disarming Success

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By Consensus, a Sprawling World Region
Rejects Guns

Nations of Oceania have largely avoided, and at times even reversed the steady proliferation of firearms and death by gunshot.

The Conversation, 27 February 2015 and Newsweek, 3 October 2015.

pdf Targeting Only 'Illegal Guns' Won't Stop Gun Injury

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All Illegal Guns Came from a Lawful Owner

Targeting just “illegal guns” to curb the firearm death toll in South Africa is akin to focussing only on “illegal cars” to reduce the road toll.

The Star (Johannesburg/Gauteng); The Mercury (Durban); Pretoria News; IOL News/Independent Online
South Africa, 14 November 2014

pdf Gun Control in Australia. In: Reducing Gun Violence in America

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The Big Melt - One Million Guns Destroyed

How One Democracy Changed After
Scrapping a Third of Its Firearms

Australia's massive experiment in gun control saw a million firearms, or one third of the nation's private arsenal destroyed, then a million new, but different guns imported. Sixteen years after firearm laws were tightened, gun homicide remains 50-60% lower, and the nation has not seen another mass shooting.

Alpers, Philip. 2013. The Big Melt: How One Democracy Changed after Scrapping a Third of Its Firearms
In: Reducing Gun Violence in America: Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis, edited by
Daniel W Webster and Jon S Vernick. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

pdf Gun Control in Australia - Change is Possible, and Fast

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Gun Control in Australia - CNN OpEd

Change is Possible - and Fast

In Australia, one massacre turned the tide in favor of gun control. Nationwide gun law reform was announced just 12 days after the shootings. The risk of dying by gunshot in Australia quickly fell by more than 50% -- and stayed there.

CNN International, 17 December 2012

pdf Krouse CRS USA Gun Control Legislation

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How Many Guns Are in the United States?

By 2009, the estimated total number of firearms available to civilians in the United States had increased to approximately 310 million.

United States Congressional Research Service
By William J Krouse

document Report to the UNODC-INEGI Center of Excellence

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Guns in Latin America and the Caribbean

In 27 countries across the Caribbean and Latin America, 53.5 million firearms are in the hands of civilians, while another 9.1 million are held by the state.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Mexico's National Institute of Statistics and Geography
By Aaron Karp

pdf Australia - Firearm Smuggling and the Origin of Crime Guns

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Where Do Australian Criminals Get Their Illegal Firearms?

For more than a decade, people whose job it is to seize and to trace crime guns have steadily contradicted the unsourced, evidence-free opinion that most illicit firearms are smuggled into the country.

January 2010, with periodic updates

document UN MGE Measurability and Implementation

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Measurability and Implementation

Country-by-country comparions of marking, tracing, record-keeping and other norms

Meeting of Governmental Experts on the Implementation of the Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons (UNPoA MGE) at the United Nations in New York, 9-13 May 2011.

document UN MGE MTR Reported Implementation

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Marking, Tracing and Record-keeping

Reported Implementation to Date

Published United Nations small arms Programme of Action (UNPoA) and International Tracing Instrument (ITI) national reports, along with small arms legislation analysed from 73 UN Member States, provide preliminary marking and tracing implementation totals.

spreadsheet Global Civilian Small Arms Stockpiles

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Counting Privately Owned Guns

In the hard copy version of the Small Arms Survey yearbook 'Guns and the City' (Cambridge University Press 2007), Aaron Karp's Chapter 2 'Completing the Count: Civilian firearms' contains several references to Annexes 1-5. In the printed version at page 67, readers are referred to 'Annexes Online' at a web link since broken. As the author's data tables in support of this chapter seem unavailable online, and in the interests of transparency, offers a compressed version of Appendices 1-5.

spreadsheet Global Military and Law Enforcement Firearm Stockpiles

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Guns Held By Armed Forces and Police

In the hard copy version of the Small Arms Survey yearbook 'Unfinished Business' (Oxford University Press 2006), Aaron Karp's Chapter 2 'Trickle and Torrent: State Stockpiles' contains several references to Appendix I and II. In the printed version at page 61, Endnote 1 reads: Appendices 1 and 2 are available at

For several years, Karp's appendices were not displayed at this URL. As at January 2013, Endnote 1 had also been removed from the online version of Chapter 2 displayed on the Small Arms Survey web site. In the interests of transparency, offers a compressed version of both Appendix I and II.

pdf Pacific Islands Forum Nadi Weapons Control Bill and Notes

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A Model Weapons Bill for Oceania

Since 1996, the sixteen member states of the Pacific Islands Forum have worked to develop a common regional approach to weapon control.
For details, see Pacific Model Legislation.
This download includes the PIF 2010 Revision of the Bill.